Joining the Australian army from the british army, what will it mean for my family.

Discussion in 'Australia' started by KrisTaylor, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi all.

    I have already started the application, had my medical and things and it all seems to be going well.

    My only concern is what it will mean for my family. My girlfriend and I are not married yet, but plan to soon (before emigrating).
    My girlfriend has a son from a previous relationship I love the lad and would adopt him if I needed to (his father is not in the picture/never been involved/not on the B'certificate) (he is 6 years old btw)

    We are just really unsure what this will mean for us, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. It will make you married with a son. Seems like a good position to be in. Why the worry? Surely it will simply make it easier to take them both with you rather than have to get them in as non relatives.

    My Dad emigrated to NSW to teach many years ago. He married my Mum earlier than they'd planned so he could get her in too. No drama. They had me there and later opted to come back when I was 3. Your son will hopefully be up to his nuts in beach bronzed totty in 10 years time and will thank you for ever. I'll never forgive my Dad......
  3. Should be no problem mate.

    Good luck, just make sure you fill all the forms in a careful manner and get a mate to check them before you send them in.

    Steer clear of immigration agents, if you can, as most are class A c*nts.
  4. Can't really comment on the 'Admin & Log' side of the Lateral Transfer thingy. But, from a family perspective, all (not many where I am) the Brits who I have met in the past re: the family thingy, reckon it's been great. A few teething issues but it seems 'mum' and the kids love it more than 'dad'. I think it's because your working and they're kicking back in the sunshine. Your the one all pasty white and they're all brown and sun bleached hair.
  5. Mate, good choice. Where are you looking to relocate to, just out of interest?

    A good website for asking questions that are non-mil is poms in oz, it's a bit like arrse but without the pi55 take.

    PomsInOz Australia Migration & British Expats Forum

    It's a very useful form to see what's going on in the world of visas, ideas on places to live, kids education etc.

    Good luck.