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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 04mayb, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. Can having a hole in the heart affect my chances of joining the army?
  2. It can do, each case is assessed individually, although this will depend on your medical records.

    I have a slighty dodgy valve in my ticker, so I had to pay a visit to an Army cardiologist. Had an ECG and was allowed in. Been serving for four years with no problems or mention since.
  3. I don't know specifically but they frown upon having astma on your records even if you've been free of it for over ten years so I assume a hole in the heart wouldn't go down too well. But like FindFixStroke said everyones assessed individually.
  4. exactly as findfix fella you will more than likely have to have ECG i havent been affected i have a heart murm and still ran 8:31 on selection its judged on the individual good luck
  5. same here lad, i had a heart murmur, went to see the heart ppl in manchester and now im in. each case is assesed on its own merits
  6. gettin a hole in your heart generally see's you booted out but normally thats something to do with being dead! you'll be assessed and maybe accepted however if you fail phase 1 they'll boot ya unless your going RLC where no-one has a spine let alone heart nowadays! (old and bold chill out! it's your sprogs that are a joke!)
  7. Is this the 'Shannon Matthews deformed relatives enlistment thread? :D
  8. slight chuckle