Joining the army

Lmao Dinger please don't lump cannabis use and a drink drive charge in with necrophilia and beastiality :oops:... Tbh rawsalmon, I'm at the point now where I'm not even sure I'll be accepted in the army so they could push me into almost any role and I'd probably accept. I'll look into it, though if Cregg is right it's a dead end.
Just to make clear, what I said relates specifically to the RAF Police. I believe the same is true of all the Service police (RMP & RNP). It doesn’t apply to the army as a whole. As an example I had convictions, including jail time. I joined (albeit Reserve but the regulations are the same), and have subsequently gained SC.
Hey guys, seriously need advice. I am currently in college and upon a completion of a degree at uni i am going to join the army. I am stuck between the Royal signals and the infantry. I want the signals for the more technical training and qualifications that come with it but i dont wanna just be face in radio all the time as i wanna see a good degree of action (call me crazy). So some questions i have:
What is the best role for action in RS/ is there even a good one for action at all ?
What specialisms is there as infantry, i want to be frontline but have somesort of trade for civvy street after wards ?

Any help with these questions and general advice by any people actually serving would be a huge help. Please guys really need some help and advice.

Thanks guys, Josh

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