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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by doyle369, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys

    My name is Will, I am 20 years old and live in Exeter in the South West

    I have Currently been at McDonalds for a year now.

    Really really getting bored of it.

    Want a career change, but dont have a clue what as don't know what I enjoy and don't no what I am good at.

    Someone said 'join the army'

    My first impression was go out and get killed? no thanks.

    But then I had a look at their site. and the job role 'Logistic Support Photographer' really took my fancy.

    Role Finder - British Army Website

    I have just had a look and found out the photography role is a specialisation that you take at a later stage in your career as one of the trades at the bottom.

    So I was having a look at a few other and came across

    Logistic Supply Specialist

    Role Finder - British Army Website

    and also Logistic Postal Courier

    Role Finder - British Army Website

    Both sound interesting.

    I am going to go to my local Army careers tomorrow and get some more advice / help

    but if anyone could give me some help / advice on here it would be appreciated
  2. Probably best off just going into the Careers Office and having an informal chat and taking it from there - you'd also probably be better posting this in soldier not officer recruitment.

    Next one for you: Are you the one with tattoos, the one in the white shirt in the middle or the ginger thing on the right hand side? If you are the later then dye your hair before you go to the careers office!
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  3. what picture are you referring to?
  4. If I'm honest, you way you describe the origins of your consideration for the army, it sound like you may be acting on a 'whim'. A career in the army is extremely challenging and will be a complete nightmare during certain stages of training, however the rewards are also extremely pleasing.

    I think you need to really question if you want to be in the army or if you just don't want to be in McDonalds and can't really think of anything else to go for. The army always says that it doesn't matter what role you enter as, you are a soldier first - Hence why all soldiers have to complete the same basic training and will continue to train skills that are required for standard soldiering even if you consider them inapplicable to your role.

    If you have a real think about it and decide that the army is truly something you want to give a go and try make a career out of then great and good luck with your application. Try not to be disheartened though if the army careers officer tells you there is a long waiting list for the roles you wish to apply for, as it will be worth waiting for if it is truly what you want to do.

    PS - Definitely go see your local careers office, the Sergeant there will have seen hundreds of people in your exact situation and can offer you advice that is far superior to my two pennies worth :)
  5. The one with the tattooed gimp, the hom and the ginger fecker in it! :)
  6. Have you Facebooked me?
  7. McDonalds though.
  8. HA! just seen the pic you're talking about... quite an accurate description by CC TA.
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  9. im off to the army careers office now
  10. Don't forget your "employee of the month" badge...
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  11. Best of luck, Will.
  12. [​IMG]

    Is the army accepting McGrads into sandhurst?
  13. Not as a general rule, but I'm sure the recruiters will make an exception for 20-year-old Will Doyle, burger-flipper extraordinaire. For his impeccable PERSEC if nothing else.
  14. It went well, got my barb test next week
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