Joining the Army with M.E.

Question being asked in the Health and Fitness forum, anyone know the answer. There's been a couple of good replies but it's getting bogged in.

Question is basically, could someone join up with a history of M.E. ?

I suppose it may depend on severity/duration/etc, or is there a blanket ban on this type of condition ?

(Cheers for any advice, but be aware I'm only asking because I appear to have caused a row on the other forum and I don't want to deal with Anya any more, she gets on my tits)
Hard to say, the only true way to find out if thye'd have him is for him to apply.....unless we have an MO willing to answer this one :?
Well he probably wont get in the Army then with that medical record. Probably better off trying for the Crabs !
Contrary to popular belief the crabs don't take any old shite and if you are rejected by the army then the raf will do the same , except on grounds of eyesite etc

I'd be amazed if someone with documented ME would get into the army we had a bloke at work with it and it was all he could do to drag himself to the office

I said drag in the past tense , he no longer works here
Just pulling from the expereinces of people I know, I have found that they if this condition affects your physical endurance, then you will not be able to join the army as they will not train soldiers who may turn around and say that they can't do the tab today, or even worse things kick off and an indidual collapses with exhaustion. I have encountered a few poeple with ME like symptoms and they were downgraded from everything but light duties (couple of hours a week), but the only reason why these people were still ion was becasue they where awaiting medial board review ready to be kicked out. Sorry mate but thats the situation at the mo

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