Joining the army with debts !

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jaywanley, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. I am 27 years old ( soon 28 ) and have always wanted to join the army, i have applied before but i pulled out due to other commitments at the time.

    I am wanting to know whether it is possible to join and pass the clearance whilst i am in an iva arrangement?

    i know it has been mentioned before but ive looked all over the net and cant find anyone who has or anyone whos tried to.
    my personal circumstances are - i own my own home which is mortgaged, but i rent this out and the rent more then covers the mortgage payments.

    i am currently paying £150 into an iva which i recently set up and the only other out goings i have are child support at £40 pw and my car insurance and house insurance.

    obviously when i join my monthly pay will be low at about £700 odd so i was advised that i could have my iva payments reduced whilst im on a low income, and im sure me and my ex partner can come to an agreement for lower payments until my wages go up.

    would this be a bar from entry or would i be ok to join? or what other options do i have? ive concidered the TA but it really isnt doing it for me as i want to make a career of it, and ive always wanted to join the forces since i was young and i really dont want anything stopping me.

    Or would perhaps bankruptcy be an option as long as i was discharged prior to applying again?

    i know i will be ok with everything else i have the right state of mind and am very fit

    any help appriciated
  2. I would suggest you take yourself down to your local AFCO and sit down and talk it through with a recruiter there. They'd be able to tell you. Or perhaps one of the recruiters who frequents here will see the thread and help. Either way, best of luck to you.
  3. Imagine the new ******** you'll get torn when creditors write to your unit. Debts and forces/police/security service/civil service do not mix for good reason. Get yourself clear then think about it.
  4. well an iva is a government backed agreement once it is in place creditors can't contact you regarding the debt as long as the payments are met only way i would be clear before the upper age limit is if i declared bankruptcy and then id lose my house too. Hmm ill have to have a good think about if because it is what i want to do and if my house and debts are in the way of me joining the army then maybe ill concider bankruptcy.
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    Don't humour him!
  6. Speak to your local careers office, they'll go through it with you I'm sure
  7. Have you just answered your own question?

    Go to the ******* AFCO and stop asking for advice from god knows who on internetshire! Geeze. I never had tinternet when I joined up.
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  8. Aye, you guys had to use 2 tin cans on a string and smoke signals :p
  9. Pebbles and Grim your asking for a spanking with the trolling your doing today. Be constructive with advice, realise who the target audience is or GTFO of this forum.

  10. You have no chance. Move on to the RAF
  11. I think its the MoD, rather than the army that has debts.

    Surely this is the very reason that the armed forces have recruiting types, why not ask one of them? They may not know the answer, but I am sure they will find out and get back to you.
  12. And maybe lend you a tenner :p
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  13. Sell the house, pay off debts, leave some dosh for the brat and re-apply!
  14. How much is your debt?

    How much equity do you have in your house?
  15. Speak to recruiters as advised. However it's not a good way to start any career. My advice is try and work more and save more, then get rid of the debt. Obvious I know but the Army doesn't like it's people in debt once they're in let alone before they start.