joining the army with criminal convictions

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by athlete99, Aug 1, 2007.

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  2. The army doesnt want or need thugs, we want people who use controlled aggression. But dont lie, all applicants will have security checks done on them, be honest if asked, and reference your newer charge if you havent been charged yet, then dont declare it, it may not happen.
  3. They will ask at the careers office..wheter you declare them or not, they will find out. The army are part of government services, so of course they are vetted...the paras themselves dont vet you though!!

    I think it says in the application form however,if you have anything pending so they might not recruit you until its been sorted out.
    The army complies with the rehabilitation of offenders act..each conviction has a different time frame depending on the crime.

    To be honest sound a bit of a pain in the arrse!!...
  4. Why do you keep assaulting people? Get some self control before you try and join the Army.
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  6. Standards are not lowered simply because an elite Regiment is short of a few blokes!

    Cases such as yours may be treated on a case-by-case basis, and there are one or two users of this site who work at various Army Recruiting Offices. Hopefully one of them will see this and respond.

    Top tip however to reinforce what has already been stated: declare all your history. While it may result in longer recruitment process and more interviews, to be found lying or ommitting facts would destroy you at a later date. How would you like to be three days from completing your basic training and getting sacked for lying? Want to explain that to a future employer?

    Be open, candid and admit your mistakes. If you are a bit too ready with your fists then I suggest that the British Army is not for you. If you believe that you are fit enough for the Paras but get rejected then join the French Foriegn Legion. A willingness to scrap will serve you well with all the eastern block muppets there.
  7. If I remember Correctly, when you make your application, you will have to declare all convictions, whether spent or not. This is certainly true of the vetting process, and I would imagine that all members of the para's would need an SC at least and not just a BC.
    If you don't delcare them, they will still find out about them as part of the vetting process, so, just declare it and have done with it. Better to be honest. If you lie, you certainly won't get in.
  8. Rules have recently changed. You're allowed up to a maximum of 3 offences.
    Bear in mind an offence is only deemed as a conviction if it was handed down by a Judge or Magistrate.
  9. Don't bother lying, it will come to light sooner rather than later, and you'll be out on your arse.
  10. Firstly, everyone who joins the Armed Forces, in keeping with most other Government departments, requires a minimum of Basic Check security vetting. This is the only clearance you will need for many jobs in the Army including most Para trades, although if you want to start specialising, you may need higher security vetting depending on the job.
    The BC Check, as it says in the accompanying blurb that they will send you, includes a criminal record check, so there is absolutely no point trying to hide your past. The consequences of doing so are far worse, because it indicates a lack of integrity, and someone will recommend that you be sacked immediately.
  11. Don't'll come back to bite your arrse.

    But to those people who are coming the high and mighty about the Army not wanting "mindless thugs" etc etc...have you ever been around an Airborne unit? For that matter, it applies equally to any infantry regt or Corps in HM Forces, this guy is just unlucky enough to have been caught.

    I've been out the of Army for over three years and I haven't been in a single fight. While I was in you could almost guarentee one a month in whatever NAAFI you happened to be drinking in..don't be hypocritical boys, you've all been there...
  12. If you are well educated and have a bit of common sense about you then I suggest that you rethink the whole issue. To be dishonest and withhold information on a government questionaire is asking for [real] trouble.

    Fighting within the army will also get you into trouble. Like someone mentioned before - the army do not need thugs or people that cannot control their aggression. Perhaps taking anger management classes would suit you better...
  13. legal_eagle, yes, I have been there BUT... I was in the army at the time... Getting in is the hardest bit , next hardest bit is the getting kicked out bit.

    An airborne unit has tough guys in it but we are controlled when we need to be and are not thugs!
  14. Any offences will be on the police national computer and crimianl record bureau- whats the point in lying if your not going to get away with it.?..

    The army realizes people make mistakes, but the vetting process is set by the government and MoD. The fact that the army is rather short on volunteers, will not affect the basic recruitment criteria.

    The recruitment office staff are there to recruit, so helping someone join the army is part of their job. But they still have guidelines to follow, I was in there recently for rejoining matters, and one lad got turned away because sufficient time had not elapased since his offence.

    The recruitment staff wont judge you and theyve seen many people in your position.

    Youve had good guidance on this thread, I would take the advice given.
  15. Good grief. I guess the time spent at Depot RCT Aldershot trying to avoid getting the living sh1te kicked out of me by random Paras on a Friday night was just in my imagination. 8O

    No problem with it, kept my BFT times down, but rose tinted and spectacles comes to mind.