Joining the Army to train as an ODP

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Manchester_Events, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have applied to Uni to do a Dip in Operating Department Practice, starting September. I am currently in the TA (recruit), and someone told me, that the regular Army offer ODP training. Is there anyone on here that is currently working in this area within the Army?

    I was thinking that I could join and get all my training through the Army, rather than be a skint student for the next few years, plus I would imagine, I’d get to see/work on a lot more that a would in the NHS? Any advice?

    Thanks :D
  2. Have you contacted the RAMC recruiters?

  3. My son joined the RAMC and trained as an ODP, 30 month course and a minimum of 3 years service post course (pay back time), he served in UK, Bosnia, Kosavo and a few other places. Now works for a private firm, Co. car, Co. credit card working all over UK manning temporary mobile theaters to back up NHS.
  4. The army does offer ODP Training at the University of central England in Birmingham. Your entry to the course will depend on your current academic qualifications and military experience. The majority of army ODP's I know are trade transfers with quite a few years behind them. If you dont have any luck with the army, the Navy and RAf also train ODP's at the same establishment and they accept personnel from civvy street with no military experience. Good luck.
  5. Do they?

    I wonder if Filbert Fox has seen this forum yet? He will be able to tell you exactly how it is.

    I have never met or heard of a direct entry ODP. If you are lucky enough to get on the course within the first year of service that is usually due to transferring from medic during basic training.

    having people with different military backgrounds and transferring in makes the trade diverse and you get some top people in the cadre.

    ODP in the military is a lot better than being an ODP in the NHS. You are not in theatre 24/7 and when you are the military team are usually a good laugh and very good at what they do.
  6. Nursetboy, its Birmingham City University now old chap and the Royal Navy dont train direct entrants its an ADQUAL and the 'trainee ODPs' have to be qualified MAs first.

  7. The_ODP ignorance is bliss! Around 7% of Army ODPs in training are direct entry ODPs...

    I think you'll find that Karabiner knows exactly how it is.

  8. got much experience working in the NHS as an ODP then?
  9. I stand corrected Leviticus. I will take myself away for twelve lashes.
  10. My son is an ODP but he did six years as combat medic first.
  11. do we have combat medics?
  12. Been in Afghanistan recently?
  13. says OXO on the sides of buses but it doesnt mean they sell it.

    But I suppose you could say that all members of the RAMC are combat medics as there is no front line in either Afghanistan or Iraq, afterall poncey X-Ray techs are in as much danger as the super duper warrior CMTs, and dont forget our combat HCAs!
  14. I see your sarcasm hasn't changed foxy mate
  15. Morning guys,

    Many thanks for all your posts.

    I think what i'll do, is join TAMS as trainee ODP, because, if i join full time i'd have to do the 14 week basic training, and then do selection for ODP, and then the 2 year Dip at Brum City Uni. Knowing what the Army is like, if i failed at any point, i'd be stuffed, and be in the situation of tied into the Army for 6 years, not being able to do ODP, and prob end up transfered to something i didnt want to do, and have no way of getting out for for years.

    At least with TAMS, i can still earn some cash on the weekend, and get a nice bounty each April 8)

    Also, i posted questions about forces ODPs on a nursing forum/asked some staff and some of the comments have been very negative, and also offensive comments about the armed forces by some NHS staff, so it would appear they dont get on with each other? :?