Joining the Army RLC after leaving the RAF

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Kevgw83, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I left the Royal Air Force after seven years last january and I am looking into joining the RLC.

    Just wondering, will I have to do Army basic training and what other factors/advice should I take on?

  2. Glad to help :eek:

    * You will have to undergo discipline
    * You may be subject to "marching" which you'll soon get the hang of
    * Set your alarm before 0830 hrs
    * Your "Buffet Restaurant" may be replaced by the Cookhouse
    * You may find that you can't wear mixed kit any more

    Am sure others will offer equally helpful advice, some of it constructive and useful perhaps. But did you really think we'd miss this opportunity? :D

    All in the best possible taste. Sorry mate, couldn't resist. :wink:

    PS with respect: "There are 23 major RAF bases in the UK as well as 5,000 servicemen and women deployed in permanent bases and operational deployments around the world." Search and Rescue. Disaster Relief. Defending the UK.
  3. I knew someone would say somethin. Actually made me laugh tho.

    Cheers, guess I am better off ringing a careers office
  4. Congratulations on coming over from the gay side young padwan. Don't worry, we'll beat out any RAF in you. You are finally a man, not a gay mincing crabfat.
  5. What job you looking for Mate??

  6. lmfao :D
  7. I'm either looking at RLC Driver/Communications or Driver Support
  8. What trade were you in the RAF then?
  9. and why not go back to the RAF?
  10. I was a supplier in the RAF and the RAF is erm...too lead by politics and health and safety and when I used to work with the army whilst in the RAF they were more for gettin the job done, rather than finding excuses not to do it.
  11. That is the most concise and accurate description of the difference between light blue and green I have ever come across. Well done that man. Too bright by far to be a Chunk!

  12. its always astonished me how the RAF big-up their supply chain and compare it to the Army's which they consider is inefficient....
    fact - its considerably easier to resupply a static FOB with high-priority fast moving tech stocks than it is to resupply mobile, dispersed ground troops.....feckers
  13. Well now its time to go the careers office and get my fitness up. I was used to doin the bleep test in a gym which screwed my knees so never used to push it.

    What is your fitness now? I am male, age 25. I will be doing some gym work myself but I take it that basic works on improving fitness anyway.

    I am sorry to say I have become a very lazy civvi (not fat tho)
  14. It is inefficient in many ways. It is mandraulic where it doesn't need to be. It is strong in a few small areas. It is going to change in many ways that you might not like, but most of them will be forever. It will, in many areas, appear that you've taken the RAF solution. I spent a lot of effort, along with Army & RN loggies, working towards the Joint answer - I only hope thy can fund what we believe is needed.

    Kev - you'll miss lots of life in the RAF when you realise some of what you did was sensible and how little responsibility you'll have in the Army compared to the RAF.
  15. i disagree. Resupplying a ship's store room or a FOB is fundamentally less complex than Land Forces deployed logistic support. What the RAF are very good at is process timelines and getting stuff from industry to the FLC.

    The key difference is that they fight the platform, not the man with an integrated logistic solution that is tech and spares centric.

    The land forces log chain literally is from factory to foxhole.

    RAF is from factory to quasi-DHL depot (ie FOB) and could in theory be contracted - that and the nature of their spares is the key as to why they are more efficient.