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Joining the Army or the NAAFI a Chubby Girls dilemma

Presumably, she gave it back when she was finished with it?
No as I was serving in a prestige regt (HCMR), a gift that a gentleman (said cunt) passes on, should be passed on by said lady. Therefore, all can enjoy the gift of giving!

But I don't think that anyone else had a pop, probably cos she was pissing razor blades. It only took about an hour to get round camp. A mate of mine on Provo with me phoned her up and just clapped down the phone at, causing her to cry and complain to the RCM! She wasn't even aware that I'd originally caught it from some dirty little Squaw tart in the motel by the Sin Bin in Canada 2 months earlier and only taken 5 days of the 7 days worth of tablets!!!

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