Joining the Army = Jobseeking = JSA?


I'm wondering if Iwill be able to claim Job Seekers Allowance in the next month and a bit before Basic.

I've had a full time job for the past year but lost it when they found i was joining up.

At the moment i'm waiting to be given ADSC dates following good interviews with the ACIO sergeants.

With the money i've saved I plan to spend time with the girlfriend without the 8-5 getting in the way - and use the extra time to get fitter. It was a surprise to lose the job, but it's not the end of the world. Seem's silly to work all the way up until Basic when i could be spending time appreciating being around where i grew up.

In short i'm not a dirty scrounger lol. I've been paying full taxes for the past year and i'm wondering if i'll be able to claim benefits to pay some of the bills until i go away.

Not sure whether to tell the people in the JSA Office what i'm doing or just to pretend to be looking for work [as i presume everyone else does..].

Thanks for your help!
many moons ago when I joined up, I could claim JSA but had to still apply for jobs ( I was 17 and applied mainly for middle to top management jobs that I had not a hope in hell of getting) untill 2 weeks before my join up date when my Job seekers advicer just signed me as activly looking for work anyway as there was little point in carrying on wasting her and my time.


wompingwillow said:
I was 17 and applied mainly for middle to top management jobs that I had not a hope in hell of getting
What a role model. Bet your kids are really proud.
If/When you put in a claim for JSA, you then get invited in for an interview where you enter into a contract agreeing to take certain actions in looking for work, for a minimum number of days per week.

You also have to log each action you take (whether it be filling in an application form, going to an interview, phoning for updates, or searching with an agency, ect... ).
All of these actions have to be logged into a book they give you, so that they can look at it each time you go in (every two weeks) and check you're actually actively seeking work.

Having said all this, I'd IMAGINE that you could still blag it for the few weeks, BUT you probably won't see any pennies in that time anyway because of the ammount of time it takes them to set up payments.

One other thing to note - going into the job-centre to go through all this will be THE MOST degrading and shameful experience of your entire life, and should be avoided at all costs if at all possible. Speaking as someone who's grafted to earn a decent wage and pay his taxes and N.I. for the last 13 years, it's horrible ending up in there with all the no-hope scumbags even when you know that you're entitled to take some money back out of the pot.

As for having a job lined up - they won't let you rest on this encase it falls through for any reason at all.

This is all from recent experience as I've had redundancy from my day-job a couple of months back and am struggling now, especially with 2 children to feed.
Was looking to go into the regs in 18-24 months, but may just have to bring those plans forward now myself.

My advice - just keep your head down, get some help from family if possible, and grind your way through the last few weeks before you leave. You'll feel better for it, and will be able to hold your head that little bit higher!

Congratulations on being successful, hope all goes well in basic. As you are aware the Army is all about teamwork and discipline, working with others and accepting that everyone is different.

Finding a job between now and basic will help you to develop these skills, rather than the unpleasant process of signing on. I'm sure you have thought about what joining up means, however working in a civilian job for a while will help you to confirm that decision and may help you through basic as at the very least you will know what the alternative is.

Finally as you know, if you want to get on you will need to show initiative and gripping this short term situation will give you something to talk about and demonstrate your aptitude.

Good Luck
StabTiffy2B said:
wompingwillow said:
I was 17 and applied mainly for middle to top management jobs that I had not a hope in hell of getting
What a role model. Bet your kids are really proud.
Yet again a really unhelpful comment from a ******** who knows nothing about my life.

I was 17

Its was 12 years ago

it was as the same as the poster one month while I waited between being accepted and joining up.

NOW **** OFF
Thanks for all your replies, i think we can agree, from both ends of the spectrum.

What i'm going to do is see my careers advisor today and see what he says. I didn't want to do this without asking for opinions on here first - it hardly gives a good impression - but i think it'll add up when I point out the reasons behind it.

I simply want to make the most of my time left here - see my girlfriend more before i go, spend more time in the gym and running, and hopefully not run out of savings before it's time. I'm not considering the dole as an automatic reaction to losing my job, which I would like to point out was labouring for a roofing firm. Trust me, I know what the 'bottom rung' is like.

If funds won't stretch I think I may pad them out with a part time job, one day a week. I think you're right Yeo_Man, it would show initiative.
See your girlfriend more - she will then not want you to go and will miss you while you're away!!!

Get a part-time/temporary job where you can still do what you want to do (as far as possible), without getting her used to having you at her beck and call 24/7 for the time leading up to basic training.

As us blokes know, women are evil...

I am, of course joking, but I would advise against any course of action where you will have to "blag" (i.e. Lie), or make yourself look stupid. sods law dictates that you will get the first job they send you to the interview for, you will then have to tell the truth...
What about agency work? That's what i've been doing for the last 3 monthes or so while i've been waiting for a start date, the money's shiite and hours long but it's better than nothing. I'm sure there's many if you live in or around a big city, sign up to a few just work when you want to and you don't have to worry too much about fuckin' them about.
Mike2008 said:
I've had a full time job for the past year but lost it when they found i was joining up.
I, personally, would be down the good old citizens advice bureau to see if you have a claim of unfair dismissal against your previous employer, they can't just bin you because you have found another job!

You may be in for some compensation there, l'd check it out.

have a look here ----->
I claimed JSA untill the week before my basic, when i went to the Job centre to sign off i got a £30 reward in my next payment for what i can tell was no reason what so ever :D
I'm 18 and I've just signed up to JSA. £45 a week, costs £5 just to get there and back! (Love those bus fares eh)

Uhm, I've actually been looking for work for the past 3 months now. I had an interview with Somerfield today, only to be phoned up a few hours after the interview to be told I didn't get the job. Wooh.

Believe it or not, not "everyone" on the doll is chav scum ;)

Somerfield said they've got another spot opening up in a few weeks and will give me a call, (one of the only companies to actually call you up even if it's only to tell you bad news), so I'm really hoping I get in. I'm currently waiting for my tubby GP to finish filling in my med forms.

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