Joining the Army, having suffered from PTSD

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Monty1994, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. Hey everyone, i am new to this forum so i apologise in advance for any errors.

    I am just starting Uni, and hopping to join the forces as a officer afterwards. However when i was 12 i was subject to a rather "Hilarious" prank in which three, what can best be described as Nob Heads, Decided to run behind me punching me in the back of the head whilst filming it. Unfortunatly for me i it was the reverse of its name and infact a "unhappy slapping" and i was subsequently left with a concussion. (I kicked the shit out of two of them)
    Needless to say as a twelve year old, i found the whole experience quite detressing and shortly after was diagnosed with PTSD. I attended a few sessions with a councillor, in which he asked me if i was sad, and then explained it was okay to feel sad, that was the extent of my therapy.
    Anyways... what i am asking is if this is likely to obliterate my chances of joining the army? It will no doubt be plastered all over my medical files for everyone to see, and im worried it may ruin my chances. On a more personal note im actualy glad in some respects that it happened, not in a masochistic way, but i feel its made me a stronger individual, and all in all taught me about manning the **** up.
    I understand why the army would not hire people, who have suffered from PTSD in order to mitigate the risks presented, but i feel it has only made me a more indomitable individual.

    I would be gratefull if people had any imput to add, and sorry for giving my life story!

    -Regards: James
  2. PTSD after a scrap as a kid. Best you find a career looking after baby seals or suchlike.

    Seriously?! What's the world coming too?!

    Feel free to try and join up, but I wouldn't pin much hope on it.
  3. PTSD = no chance of joining up whatsoever.
    the search function may provide you with a link, however it is a stressful* thing to attempt, please seek professional medical assistance if this proves to be too much for your delicate mental health.

    *no, seriously it is as so many people can't manage it,
  4. PS i also call crap 'wah'
  5. In retrospect, i should have mentioned my PTSD was only minor it was gone rather shortly afterwards and i would like to stress this was about 6 years ago, i would like to think i was okay now, by no means am i a sensitive individual (TAGB Gold Medal winner) , and it wasn't the just the scrap its quite a complicated story, needlesss to say with a track reccord such as mine. is there any hope?
  6. as previously stated, use the search function, look in particular for jsp 346, and the thread in the recruiting forum - it's all about medical stuff.
    I can't be arrsed to do it all for you.
  7. Well, that's 2 of us that have said no chance.

    Perhaps if you ask a 3rd time someone will come online and say "you'll be fine"?

    Isn't it your time for a lie down in a dark room?
  8. brilliant.

    thanks for the guidance ill have a word with my carriers advisor today

    and in answer to you last question, my lie down in a dark room was last night when i went to sleep, but thanks for the concern.
  9. Have a word with your last English teacher too.
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  10. I would recommend DHL, UPS or TNT as good carriers advisors......Oh! Sorry! You mean "Careers" .......
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  11. Well i am also Dyslexic but thats another story!... ive transfered my application to the royal regiment of baby seals, nah they said as long as i didn't require medication then it shouldn't be a issue. Jolly good

    Apologies for wasting everyones time.
  12. You didn't waste our time - WE wasted our time, as happens so often on Arrse. But it's fun though!
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  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    You have just wasted 2 minutes of mine.

    Go and choke yourself.
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  14. PTSD on your med record means its....


    for you old son.
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  15. This is ******* shite. Indicative of everything thats shite about the youth of today. 'I had to go and see a councilor because someone slapped me, and I felt vewy vewy sad'
    **** OFF!
    Settle with sitting in the Legion telling lies to people how you got PTSD from killing gooks man!
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