Joining the army at 22 after Maths degree?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by TomX, May 3, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm 16 at the moment and am going to study Maths at university next year. I will leave university when I'm 22 but I still want to go into the army as an infantryman.

    I was just wondering whether or not I'd be considered too old to just have been recruited, what possibility is their of being able to become an infantryman.

    Also, what other jobs in the army could a Mathematician do?

    Thanks in Advance
  2. holy shit

    ARE YOU MAD????

    are you getting a "maths degree" from one of these bone new places or are you doing a proper one?

    if this isnt a wind up I would consider you see a psychiatrist!

    just incase you missed the jist, DONT DO IT!
  3. CTATZ... post in a forum more relevant to yourself.. and leave others alone! this guys asking a serious question he doesnt want to be shot down in flames!! pick on someone your own size!

    TomX... I suggest you go to your local Armed Forces Careers Office... alot of people will try to feed you alot of information, it can be difficult to sort through what info is really useful and what is a pile of bull!

    good luck old chap!
  4. A Maths degree would be useful for dealing with the unimaginably huge sums of money you can expect to be paid in HM Forces.
  5. Do I see a future 'Logistics, Royal Corps of, Counter, Beans'.
    Maths and the army? Ah! You'll want the int. corps then!

    Note the way they've even craftily incoporated code into the top of their website. What does it mean? Sounds like it could be your sort of thing.
  6. I'm sorry fordingly but going in to the infantryman with a maths degree??

    dont worry though tomx, I wanted the same when I was 16. a few years at uni with socialist muckers will sort you out
  7. TomX just because you have a maths degree doesn't limit you to purely the more technical aspects of the army.

    If you fancy the infantry life aspire to be an infantry officer.

    Go into an army careers office to get the ball rolling through the process and you'll have heaps of chances to decide who you fancy serving with.... you never know one of the presentations at Sandhurst might sway you to a unit you've never even considered.

    Go with the flow....
  8. The most pertinent question is - surely - infantryman, ie soldier, or infantry officer?

    If the former, then you could do it now if you are so keen; if the degree is important to you then what is putting you off a commission?

    If the latter, then it's all perfectly reasonable. Most officer cadets have degrees these days. It doesn't particularly matter what in, for the majority of roles and corps, and as you will have noticed there is no Royal Corps of Mathematicians. It may well stand you in better stead for some of the technical corps if you were to find they interested you - which also brings us to the possibility of considering whether something like mechanical engineering might have sufficient mathematical content for you?
  9. ah tomx, I assumed from youre post you want to be a tom. if you want to be a rupert it's a different kettle of fish

    but still, with a maths degree id join otc/ta , get a nice civvy job, and watch the money roll in
  10. Good plan.... the best of both worlds!
  11. it doesn't matter what degree you do - If you want to go infantry, you should have no problems, and lots of fun!

    And 22 is not old these days for the infantry - a friend of mine joined his inf regt as a pl comd at 28!

  12. I would seriously suggest you get some experience of being totally f***ed, soaking wet, hungry, cold and jarred off before committing yourself to the (honourable & ancient) role of bayonet tech. Whilst the possession of a maths degree in an infantry platoon might seem (somewhat) a wasted 'asset' to some, it does take all sorts. You'd most likely be the eldest recruit in a platoon of teenagers - and certainly the only one with post-nominals.

    A decent recruiter would explain more suitable options. A crap one (from an infantry background) would welcome you in to the brotherhood with open arms, and you'd be up & down the Shankill within minutes most likely.

    By all means get it out of your system, but remember, weekend exercises with the ACF is far cry from Otterburn or Sennybridge. The TA is a means to an end and is recommended. Just don't go leaping in to an unsuitable job that you might well regret when the reality dosimeter goes off the scale.
  13. Go for it. You won't be too old at 22 to be in the infantry.
  14. join OTC!!!
  15. Join the TA.... the UOTC is beginning to turn into an AT club with a bar!