joining the army as a rlc driver

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by macclad1988, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. hi everone. i am going through the application process to join the army.

    I have RLC driver down as 3rd choice on my application...

    is this a good trade to be in or will i literally just be driving mini buses around all day?

    help and tips needed guys, thanks
  2. Have a look at the job specification you get your the careers office sure that will tell what its all about.
  3. Unlikely to drive minibuses, very likely to drive trucks all day.
  4. Well maybe on Ops but otherwise the likelihood of doing that otherwise is very slim!
  5. i have got the job specification sheet from my army careers already, but it isnt very informative.

    will i get to look at the maintanence side of things aswell?
  6. Yes....
    tyre changing.
    oil and fuel
    headlight bulb replacing
    wiper blade replacing
    washing them down
  7. Was recently told by a friend of mine that the driver trade is one of the most sought after at the moment within the RE and RLC
  8. mmmmm? Maybe but then its one of the biggest trades within the RLC, so popular.
  9. This is not the most exciting of jobs on offer in the Army. You will drive drive and drive and drive - mostly supply trucks up and down a Main Supply Route.

    You can be a driver in most other parts of the Army and do other things and learn others skills such as communications and engineering.

    Apart from that the RLC are regarded as a bunch of lardarrsers by the rest of the Army.
  10. Its one of the most sought after jobs because 1. you don't need any qualifications for it 2. lets be honest you dont have to be very fit for it and 3. your not in the most danger either.

    All of which gives the lad that hasn't got a job or who are out of work for the moment an easy job for the forseeable future. Yes we need logisticians but for feck sake don't become a glorified taxi driver :lol:

    Mate you can get your driving license yourself dont make that selling point your whole career. Whatever you decide mate good luck!
  11. what are your 1st and 2nd choices?
  12. hi guys, thanks for all advice.

    so what if i was to go for the following instead:

    RE Military Engineer (driver)
    RE military engineer (armoured) ?

    also, do these trades require me to sit the TST at ADSC as my maths is rubbish....

    thanks guys....
  13. Thats a good insight from someone who isnt even serving yet....
  14. As mentioned before, don't let a vehicle licence dictate your career path. Driver roles are pretty dull to be honest and only perk up on Ops. There is some chances of diversifying within the RLC role, Comms specialist (?) or Air Despatch, etc

    Armoured engineer would be a little more exciting. You will get to travel, your H (tracked) licence (although useless in civvie street) and some decent exercises in BATUS (Canada), Poland etc.

    How about all the RE roles/opportunites:

    I've worked with most of these guys on or off and they're all a pretty good bunch.
  15. It is one of the most sought after jobs in the Army because young guys think 'corr!! I can get ALL my driving licenses for free! How cool is that?!' and don't think about the fact that you're dedicating 5 years to driving really old vehicles wherever some bod who gets paid more than you decides they need to go.

    As somebody pointed out, you can get licenses in all parts of the Army, and pay to get some when you come out!

    what did you put as 1st and 2nd choices?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.