Joining the Armoured Infantry

well after i had a brief meeting (un appointed) and walked through the roles within the infantry, sent home with some booklets and a dvd. ive become very interested in the armoured infantry... i was meant to go back today, which i did in the evening and missed the person who i was supposed to be talking to by 5 mins! git went home early haha.

so, you lot can answer some quesions on my mind.

1) what is the armoured infantry like
2) whats the difference between armoured and mechanised... as far as i have read they are almost identical
3) how often are the armoured used/deployed on the field?

think thats it for about now

oh! Regiments :D anyone know about The Royal Green Jackets??? any good?

I can only attempt to answer two questions and may not be wholly accurate so...

Armoured Vs. Mechanised - Armoured are equipped with the Warrior IFV and conventionally are used to support armoured assualts. However in Iraq/Afg the warrior is used to add weight of fire to missions as well as increased protection. Mechanised are equipped with either Saxon/Bulldog/Mastiff or a mix and conventionally would be used as a form of battlefield taxi delivering troops to combat but not becoming engaged themselves. Again Iraq/Afg is different with them performing a similar function to Armoured.

As for The RGJ they now form part of the Rifles whose 4th Battalion is Mech while the 5th is Armoured
so what role would i have to take to be deployed as a infantrymen? i dont want to be driveing and being called in for support, id much rather be at the front, being of the best. that sort of thing.


p.s. thanks for the reply btw :D very helpful :)

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