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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by smithy749, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. A couple of questions to see where the differences are with what you want and what you get:

    1) When people look to join the AMS what is it they are looking for?

    2)What do they actually get?
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    If you are on about CMT's, they want to be Paramedics and they end up painting boxes and counting tent poles.

    (There, Foxy, I said it!)
  3. :D are right.

    Mind you the box painting stood me in good DIY training when civdiv called :roll: :roll:

    If you join now......God knows when or if you will be promoted. Dead mans shoes does not come close :p
  4. ventress wrote:-If you are on about CMT's, they want to be Paramedics and they end up painting boxes and counting tent poles.

    Not only tent poles and box painting what about sweeping leaves, counting canvas and once all the tent pegs are green, paint them black again the fun is endless!!! Great being a CMT, occaisionally do the odd bit of medical work?
  5. And Smithy wonders why you are all pissed off!
  6. Having been a CMT for 22 years and now a manager in civvie street it hasn't done me badly. What is evident by your replies are how inaccurate you are. Painting boxes is a term from the 70's, as im sure your aware health and safety doesnt allow for these practices as a day to day activity, as do drivers not paint vehicles. Just out of curiosity when people go to join as CMT para medics, what is it that makes them think that the army has a para medic system in place day to day. Surely thats the ambulance service's remit. Other than the ambulance strike i dont remember seeing army medics picking up of the streets. So what is it theypick up. Is there a secret town somewhere that the army runs!!
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    "As do drivers not paint vehicles." [sic]

    What sort of comparison is that ?
    Drivers are not supposed/permitted to paint vehicles but it does occur, though a damn site less frequently than CMTs getting bone jobs.

    I realise that you wish to tell us about how very chuffed you are with the AMS and your career within it, but please lay your argument out in manner becoming a Senior deserving of his rank.
  8. So my friend, when did you leave the AMS and were you in the same AMS as the rest of us?

    I will refrain from reverting to abuse and such threats but people such as yourself who come on here and degrade me because I wish to see the AMS, which has given me plenty, in a better state than it is now and I dare to speak out against the party line!

    if you wish to know my forthright views on the AMS at present and its current state of affairs, then please PM me and I will tell you all you wish to know. I will be succinct and polite, I will give evidence and may even point you to ask other members of this forum for evidence.

    the AMS is not a bed of roses at the moment and will not be for a considerable time to come, if ever.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Well as you know, Smithy, they were painting them right up to Op Telic and I saw them doing it in in 50 degrees in Iraq, health and safety was a consideration- although I agree it should be, its not a dirty word, unlike like 'crevice'!
  10. Well I painted boxes from day one at 22 Field in 88 until last day at 5GSMR in 01, and still being in touch with various ex-collegues who still have the misfortune to be in, and they are still painting boxes.

    Not sure where you spent your 22 years as a CMT pal, but it certainly doesn't seem to be anywhere like the rest of served, which begs the question are you a 'Walt'?

    There are others of us who have gone on a done good things since leaving, and yes I attribute a hell of a lot to my time within the Corps, but if this well managed organisation you keep referring to in this and other threads, had managed this soldier along with countless other good soldiers I served with, we would not be plying our trade and boosting civvi companies profit's, and the AMS wouldn't be complaining about being undermanned.

    I suggest you take dui-lai up on his offer and PM him and get the low down on what the AMS is doing today as it was round the U bend when I left and from observing posts by those still serving, it looks as though it is now floating out into the North Sea!.
  11. unless Smithy was a Clinical Measurements Technician then there is no way on this earth that he managed to be a CMT (and obviously a MA before that) for 22 years and didnt paint any boxes (usually Lacon).

    I joined the merry old RAMC in 1984, I didnt beome a techie until 1986 and I have since served in field units as well as the good old military hospitals and MDHUs and more op tours than i care to remember, I have painted boxes (metal, plastic and cardboard) (and generators) and I have seen first hand, CMTs painting boxes.

    Smithy, this isnt a techie v CMT disagreement, even the CMTs think youre talking out of your ARRSE.
  12. I love you foxy xxxxxxxx
  13. The sprog has spoken :lol:

    Oh & due out very soon & unless you do sin of sins & take an extention, or maybe move to the dark side :twisted: , a commission.
  14. Reading Smithys' posts I think he took a head shot and received treatment from the AMS, otherwise its a well performed WAH !
  15. no chance!!

    Smithys quiet.