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Discussion in 'Australia' started by MTFC21, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Hello all i was just looking for some info on joining the aussie army, i know about the lateral transfer scheme but i have given my notice to terminate and have 5 months left. So i was wondering is there a scheme for ex soldiers to join or will i just have to get residancy in Oz and join like what regular ozzies do

    many thanks

    4 years R.E
  2. I hope that this isn't a wind-up :)

    Aussie army have just announced next batch of 'lateral' recruiting, trades they are looking for and process of application can be found at
    Recruitment Centre | Defence Jobs
  3. For the Lateral Transfer scheme you generally have to be a SGT and above.
    Non- Lateral transfer have to gain a permanent residency visa then be eligible for citizenship.
    In exceptional circumstances they will waiver the citizenship requirements, but its like hens teeth. Its all on the ADF recruiting website
  4. Thanks for that weegwa does having prior military service get looked on well whilst going through the immigration process
  5. The case workers at DIAC (dept of immigration and citizenship) can be a fickle lot (typical civil service types). As far as I can remember the visa application forms asks for any previous military history. I would imagine a clean uk service record and a stated desire to join the ADF as soon as eligible would be regarded as a positive.

    I know of a recent case of a son of a lateral transferee who had his citizenship requirements waived to join the ADF. He had to undertake recruit and trade training even though he had considerable experience with the British Army including various deployments.
    Good luck!
  6. Not really sure the point you are trying to make there. Are you saying that Australia's got no talent? or are you trying to say if you can Beat Box west coast styleee init aye, then you have a greater chance of joining the ADF?
  7. The existence of a Chinese didgeridoo impressionist rapper suggests the level of weirdness that you might encounter here.
  8. Yeah cheers for that clearly you're not up on your Got Talent's..... Explain Jedward then?
  9. Nobody can explain Jedward!
  10. After nearly 2 years I am stiil trying to join ARES it really seems a lottery if Manpower just put your application on hold until you qualify for citizenship or not.

    I was knocked back for RA Sigs as you need citizenship for that. I was asked change my trade preference, so I chose Combat Engineer. After 5 months of tumbleweed blowing down the street I was told that trade was full and that I needed to choose something else. This is bollocks of course, as no ARES units in Canberra are brimming over, or so I am reliably informed.

    I have now put down Cavalry Scout or Gunner. I am told there will be no movement until March.

    The best bit is that every time I change trade Manpower feel that they need to check back to the UK for my service records. Just in case my previous experience has morphed into Fighter Pilot, ATO or MO, I suppose.

    I am hanging in with a morbid sense of curiousity to see happens next, but no real expectation that I will be accepted. I reckon I will have to wait out until I qualify for citizenship. Its a way off!
  11. ^ It's all to do with what time of the month the recruiting agency is. As you initially deal with the 'call centre' and remember it's a civvie agency that was awarded the contract to the lowest bidder, so 'their' skill sets are next to zero. A case of just keep pestering them, or go and see your Federal member of parliarment.
  12. I'll give it a go!

    My frustration lies mainly with the fact that every unit I visit has been very welcoming and they seem like good blokes, and girls. But ADF recruiting seems a nightmare. I need now to vist another two units and see if they will have me. Cheers.
  13. If you are being 'dicked' about, and I'll put the caveat here that your not a total tool, then just go straight to your Federal member and advise him/her of your frustrations by DFR. may want to have dates/times/names if possible, politicians are fuckwits and they don't like being made to look even more of a fuckwit if they don't have all the facts.

    Subject to beagleboy's caveat, a well drafted letter here might yield results rather than going to a Member of Parliament.