joining the ADF - Possible problems

I am looking to join the ADF reserve in the RA Sigs. I have previous regular signals experance and I was advised to join the RA Sigs as my previous british service would be recognised. If I went for another cap badge then I may have to start from Pte again. Since then I have been told that Signals and Int are the 2 branches of the Australian Army that I may not be able to join as I am not a citizen. Aparently the rules changed last year and so no one really knows where I stand.

My question really is - Can I join the RA Signals as a permanent resident and maybe keep my rank I earned in the UK, or will I have to re-badge to another corps/arm as I can't get a Secret security clearence?
Nik, the best bet is to contact the recruiting office closest to you.

It is possible to join as a PR, both regular and reserves. Security clearancew should not be a problem as pretty much anyone who joins the ADF and deploys overseas requires 'secret' clearance.

There are various Defence Instructions covering security clearance, recruiting and recognition of prior learning, the recruiting staff will have access to all the info and can provide definitive advice.

I spoke to my case manager at DFR and I have been told that the rules have changed and that unless there is a trade where they are short that I can go for, but at the moment there are no posts like this. As far as they are concerned you can't join the ADF unless you are a citizen or able to apply for citizenship.

I have only just got my permanent residency so citizenship is a long way off at the moment. So at the moment I can't join until the ADF move the goal posts again

You and I are in a similar boat. I am just going to sit and wait for an official outcome. If I get an approval I will then visit the local units, other than RA Sigs, in Canberra.

If they say no, then fair enough.

Well its official! I was told by my case officer that they are not progressing any permanent residents, even with previous military experience, as there are so few vacancies. This applies to ARES units too, which are apparently bursting at the seams with blokes. Shame really, I had liked the look of the Cavalry Scout role. So I am on hold for 3 years.
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