Joining the ACF and being a STAB

Discussion in 'ACF' started by King-walt, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. A few irrelevant questions but, as a current member of the TA I've spent a good year as a CI with the ATC and have had enough of the aviation side, went over to the local ACF det and have had my interview with the company commander and he's happy to take me on so now its off to wait for county to give a call and fill in all paperwork i.e E-CRB,

    I was advised that all uniformed instructors are issued with some CFAV ID card, do I really need this? What about my standard MOD90?

    What the hell do these CFAV ID cards look like anyway? :?

    Lets say I complete a skill at arms instructor course, can I give weapons handling training over at my unit?

    I was just wondering just how transferable all these qualifications on offer from the ACF as a youth organisation are, bearing in mind I am mainly doing it to help the cadets develop themselves and realise their potential.
  2. I'm very happy for you. Have you spoken to your OC? You need to, apparently.
    CFAVs are issued with MOD90s that are exactly the same as your TA one except they say "SI CFAV" rather than "SGT". For officers there is no distinction between an ACF MOD90 and a TA MOD90 to my knowledge, as they hold a TA Commission so it just goes on 'as is'. You will then just have 2 MOD90s.

    Unsure, best speak to your unit. But even if the paper says YES, many ACF units like to keep it 'within their boundaries', so you may told, whilst in ACF uniform, you are what you are, and you can teach L98 after ITC and LSW after Frimley.

    That's very good of you, but I will warn you now that you will find the politics of the ACF will prevent you from showing your true colours, since a lot of ACF-only (never Regular / TA) will not like you coming over treading on their toes and will be keen to demean you as far as possible.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You have time to be in both the TA and the ACF?

    You need to get a missus or a proper hobby.
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  4. Or even become a Special Constable so he can be a "lite" member of a third uniformed organisation.
  5. You are, of course entirely WRONG on this point, and I refer you to Pam 21c para 0246 h in this regard.

    Wetherspoons was lovely, thanks for asking!
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Don't knock it, those ******* get free rail travel.
  7. Rubbish! In my experience ACIs, or 'kiddy fiddlers' as we prefer to call them, are never 'demeaned'!!

    Perish the thought!
  8. Well if I've got time to sit on my arrse in the office all day I obviously need to look forward to do with my time! Thats how the TA started for me as it was during college days
  9. If you're going to quote me, don't mis quote me, you chod.
  10. DP

    Keep yer hair on mate! Just making a point!
  11. OP - out of interest, in both this thread and another... why do you have so much interests in the ACFs ID cards?
  12. Random question, just to be in the know! :excited:
  13. whats a TA MoD 90?
  14. just you asked about 4 questions about it and 1 about something else.

    I'd have expected there to be more dying issues than what colour ID card you get.
  15. Actually I'm quite overly happy with what the ACF has on offer so I'll be having alot of questions to ask in due course, try trying to contribute your time to the ATC and being listed on their books as a Civilian Instructor, mmm? Apparently as a CI attending camps that uniformed staff could is a big nooo nooo, so you'd be surprised to know I was a little facking bored for 2 nights a week sitting in the back of the class room whilst some fat c**t flight sargeant hogged all the action and was also quite bouyent on informing me that as a CI I wasn't entitled to wear DPMs but during TA training nights it was all well and good.
    Uniformed CFAVs do get paid out of pocket expenses and some daily rates, so I'd be more well inclined to attend an annual camp knowing I wouldn't be so much out of pocket.
    Hell of alot more it seems on offer!