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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Alexx, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. Would going to university before joining the AAC ?

  2. Going to university may help you to form sensible questions.

    OTOH, possibly not.
  3. Well, I would be wanting to join as a pilot or door gunner ?
  4. Ah, but what is your question?

    I'm suggesting you'd struggle for even door gunner. Even they have to frame questions.

    What might you study at University?
  5. Alexx,

    If you want to be a pilot, then join another Corps as you only need to be a LCpl with a recommendation for Cpl to be allowed on the Course. You will get that a lot faster within another Corps then jump ship onto the Cse. If you fail then you have a backup plan and go back to your Corps. With regards to can do it or you cant, if you can it doesn't make you special and if you can't it doesnt make you a failure. If you do pass then you automatically transfer to the AAC now I believe. :D
  6. Yup, that is all you need. :roll:
  7. Sorry VM, was I missing something ??
  8. Sorry I'm posting this on my phone so its difficult to see a full sentence.

    Would going to university before joining the AAC help ?

    I would study either computing or physics ?
  9. Going to Uni probably wouldn't do you any harm, but you'd be far better off asking the clever people at the careers office.

    Having a degree is less useful than having a bit of common sense.

  10. A bit......

    From what you have suggested, you only need to be a L/Cpl to be allowed on the Army Flying Course.

    That is the minimum base line to be allowed to fill the paperwork in. To be allowed on the course, one needs to pass the entire selection process, have recommendations, be medically suitable, pass Flying Grading...etc, etc. :roll:

    (I think that was what VM was getting at)

    Alexx. Are you actually serious or is it just something that has taken your fancy?

    Are you looking at going for a commission or enlisted?

    I'm not too sure about your 'question' regarding what you would study for a degree. Are you asking us or telling us?