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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by digitalxspace, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Hello, im new here and was hoping if somebody can help with a question i have. Over 2 years ago i suffered from depression and self harmed but have not done it since as im all sorted out now. I would really like to join the TA and was wondering if anybody can tell me if this will go against me? stop me getting in?

    Thanks in advance
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    re title of this thread - Joing?

    Best bet is to go into the TAC and ask. There could well indeed be a question mark over you, but if you have been "normal" for two years without medication etc, you might be ok.
  3. Either i'm suffering from a bought of premonition, or this looks vaguely familiar! Wasn't this the subject of another thread?
  4. They'll welcome you with open long as you don't open yours................wouldn't want claret going everywhere now would they?
  5. Whats the point in a reply when your just going to be like that and not even answer the question!
  6. chris answered you in the second post. Pop into the local TAC and ask them. I wouldn't hold out much hope though, we tend to play with dangerous stuff like guns, not good in the hands of a self harmer I'd say.
  7. Well, it made me pi$$ myself laughing,
  8. At least chris gave a valid answer unlike the others. Like i said if you read the post properly it was OVER 2 years ago so i am no longer a self harmer. If nobody knows the answer then dont reply and leave it to others who do know the answer. Posting like some of the above is pointless, childish and moves onto bullying when done further and i would say there is no room in the army for that! Lets just keep to the point and be civil, all i want is advice on this. Seem to get better replys and more understanding in the regs thread.
  9. Now now, put your dummy back in. It's called banter and if you get this upset on the tinternet then your probably not out of the woods yet...

    It's all one army TA and regs will have the same entrance standards, if the regs say no then the TA will probably say no.
  10. I could be really childish and say some along the lines of "Oh fcuk off and kill yourself" but then you probably would.

    By the way, did the sharp, cold, sting of the razor cutting into your flesh give you wood?

    It's funny you know; the thought of you spilling blood actually makes blood flow to my penis.
  11. no offence mate but id rather not have to worry about somone with your problems/mental state when the shit hits the fan..
  12. Im not taking offence mate but like i said it was 2 years ago. I dont suffer from any form of mental illness now, if anything im just as normal as you lot and im stronger in myself from it now. I think ill just ask at the TAC. Thanks to all who have answered my question and gave your view.
  13. Ask for the Assault Pioneers, you'll fit in nicely.
  14. No, you won't be able to join.
    You'll be awarded M8, or S8 (I forget which one) on your PULHEEMS.
  15. You should be ok. Good luck anyway!