Joining TA?

Hi guys,

A bit of advice wanted really...I'm seriously thinking about joining the TA.

I am a qualified nurse and know that there is a field hospital detatchment in my town. I have done lots of reading, but there is still info I have stumbled across yet. I know I need to go and speak to a recruiting officer or my local careers office, and i will when I have a chance around my work hours. I have emailed them but haven't heard anything back as yet and wondered if anyone here could give some insight.

Is the joining for nurses the same as everyone else? (I know there is no reason why they should be treated differently) I guess its an interview and fitness test? what are the requirements?

I've heard there is a 4 week course at RMAS to become an officer, but the information I have found says that the training is done over a year on various exercises and weekends away...not sure which one applies?!?

Does your employer have to support you? Do they have to give you the unpaid leave to go off with the TA? I think I've understood correctly with the fact that the army/ta pay you your wage while you take time off work. I will also discuss this with my boss before /if i actually join and hopefully get her support.

Can anyone tell me how it really fits in with civvy life? If a training weekend clashes with something else can you pick and chose when you do your training, i know courses etc will be set times. I know the TA is a commitment and am willing to make it, I just want to get all the info and consider all angles before making the decision rather than wasting anyones time.

How long are the deployments? 3months? 6 months? what pay do you get while you're away? do you know in advance when you are going?

I know...tonnes of questions and hopefully ive posted this in the right place. Any advice anyone can give would be really appreciated.

Thank you!
The best thing for you to do is go and knock on the door of the detachment, and talk to them about all these issues. The first step is the hardest - but you'll get to talk to real people with direct and current experience. You'll get the chance to see if there's anything about them, or their set up, that you find instantly repellent (tho I hope not!)

What is your specialty? Some, eg ITU, emergency theatre nursing and orthopaedics/trauma are much in demand.

Good luck!
I believe selction for Prof qualified Officer (PQO) is now a 3 day weekend course at Yoek, which will involve fitness, interview and command tasks

After that there is a PQO course, which at the moment is 2 weeks at York and 2 week at RMAS involving basic infantyr training and some leadership skills

It seems mots deployments are for 3/12 in the field and most unit seem to have 18/12 notice

I'm not attched to a Field Hospital but feel free to PM me

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