Joining TA with family related SNLR

I was a reg for 8 years, originally 2nd regt of foot but transferred after nearly 4 years of service to become a driver/rad op in the RLC.
Following my transfer my wife suffered from severe depression (think it was the RLC wives) and made an unsuccessful attempt to take her life. The army agreed to release me SNLR. 5 years on and I'm seriously missing service life. I know the best advice would be to talk to the local TA centre, however has anyone successfully joined the TA or RMR (but my age at 33 is limiting me there) following an SNLR from the army.

Thanks in advance

A previous discharge under SNLR is would normally warrant a bar on re-enlistment, even TA. I think there's been similar threads in the past. Try anyway, and good luck. Things may have changed.

2nd of Foot? PWRR?
If you were in the Second Regiment of Foot I'd imagine your age may be more of a bar than SNLR.
A previous discharge under SNLR would normally warrant a bar on re-enlistment, even TA. I think there's been similar threads in the past. Try anyway, and good luck. Things may have changed.

2nd of Foot? PWRR?
Damn right with a round from one of them through you...


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SNLR is not of itself a disbar to enlistment. I was discharged SNLR having opted to leave an 'O' Type. Provided there was nothing specific that said you should not be allowed to re-enlist then you might as well try.

The rules for joining the reserve are broadly the same as for the regular forces but the emphasis may be different. The reserve is undermanned and actively recruiting. The reserve is also used to older guys joining with previous service.
Sorry to hijack this thread a bit but I have a related question; I've just had my 203 sent off to Glasgow to join the TA, the only thing I can think that could stand against me is that I did once receive an AGAI (at times these got handed out like sweets). Would this be classed as a discipline issue - or does that only relate to previous discharge?
I came out in 2008 with TUFAS. Family related.
(Served for several years and did a few tours. Good conduct. Good friends. Good times.)

From what I've read on here recently, I understand that SNLR is quite misunderstood and is often used when no other terms of discharge are applicable to your case.

I applied for MOG(v) last September as since leaving the regs I've been working professionally as a photojournalist. Passed all their tests and interviews and was offered a place. Passed a medical, was granted security clearance. Next thing I had to do was join a local regiment. Because they're national not local, you have to be badged to someone else.
So I joined my local TA unit.

All was well. Quite a few ex-regulars who I'd served with before or people who'd worked with my previous regiment in the past are there. Bit like a reunion with new, old-faces tipping up every week.
They sent off my 203 and I volunteered to come in whilst it was being processed. I ended up being placed in the training wing and was teaching recruits every Wednesday (unofficially - but I was trusted and I knew what I was doing).
Turned up every week without fail. Spent a while making presentations in my own time, lesson plans etc. Wasn't paid for any of it but I was happy to be doing something useful.

Come in one week after about 2/3 months and the PSAO calls me up to his office.
"They ain't gonna' let you back in mate."

My paperwork took a while because it went to Glasgow and was then passed on to Andover (not sure why) and the final decision was "No".

However, I've decided to fight the decision.
Went back in a few weeks ago when they had an open night and it just so happens that the entire population of recruiters and decision makers in the region are there.
SSM applauds my decision to fight it and shakes my hand. Introduces me to a few people and sends me up to the mess with the OC to get a written letter of recommendation; with half the staff we passed along the way mentioning that it's outrageous and that "We need him Sir".

I'm back in tomorrow to follow up and get another letter from the SSM which he told me he was going to do without me even asking. I'm also going to try and find out what routes I can take to appeal.
One of the WO2's had found an appeals process on the DII system somewhere so I'm going to try and find out more about it (I obviously don't have access to it).
PSAO also reluctantly said he'd write it all up and reply to the address he got the 203 back from but that keeps me out of the loop somewhat.

One of the recruiting officers I talked to that evening had told me they had one guy appeal the decision three times and they accepted him on the third despite him having (brace yourselves) 87 convictions! So there is hope.

So in response to the original post, having done my research and experienced it first hand - There's a chance they'll let you, but don't expect it to be quick and don't expect it to be easy.
As you're aware, the person who makes the decision has never met you (unless he's your mate, in which case put in a good word for me). He has a few sheets of papers to go off and ours unfortunately have the wrong numbers on them.

I'm just hoping my determination and references from the right people that accompany my appeal will help.

Best of luck with your application. You never know, they might say yes first time. It's happened before quite a few times.
I shall let you know how mine goes in due course as reference for future people in this situation.

Also, if anyone knows anything about the appeals procedure - any guidance or advice would be hugely appreciated at this stage.
My paperwork took a while because it went to Glasgow and was then passed on to Andover (not sure why) and the final decision was "No".
Any 203 that is related to a SNLR etc goes to the DM(A) himself (or his team) to look at, that's why it went to Andover. I've personally had a SNLR from the Regs allowed to join the TA after DM(A) gave approval, it all depends on the circumstances.
Ah excellent! Good to know.

I'm fairly confident about them reviewing the decision with the amount of support the unit I'm wanting to join is offering.
They could have just told me to sod off at this point. They have no obligation to help but so far they're going above and beyond.

Certainly a few crates to be dished out at the end of all this.

Cheers for the reply. Always good to hear of success stories.

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