Joining TA with Criminal Record

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by TheWarrior1, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi,
    I want to apply for the TA at the age of 33 as an officer in the engineers, but unfortunately had a bit of a naughty youth. I have a criminal conviction 13 years ago for possession of cannabis with intent to supply, which even though i wasnt actually a proper supplier i had enough cannabis to be charged with supplying. Ofcourse it is now very spent but will this bar me from applying? I got 120 hours and a £100 fine for the offence.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to the unit you wish to join about this.

  3. It won't prevent you from joining the TA (IIRC as it is spent you are not obligated to declare it) however if you intend to commission it may affect your application for security clearance (thought this is a decision for DVA) which is a requirement for commissioned service, just make sure you fill in as much detail as possible on your clearance application when you get given it to do.
  4. I havent actually made a final decision on whether to apply as an officer or a soldier, but i'm doing university so figured its probably the best thing to do. However if i apply as an officer and dont succeed or change my mind am i able to enrol as soldier straight away or do i have to do a new application?
  5. You will enlist as a soldier regardless and complete phase 1 as a soldier, alongside this (if applying as an officer) you will complete AOSB briefing and main board and then go on to officer training after phase 1 rather than trade training (for soldiers).

    If you are unsuccessful at any stage you can continue to serve as a soldier without SC (certain trades excepted Int Corps, some R Sigs, etc).
  6. Oh right.. didnt realise that, i thought it was all totally separate training.
    Would you advise to be upfront about my conviction for possession of cannabis before hand or keep quiet unless it comes up? I'm a bit concerned about this because i read that anyone who has a criminal record for trafficking or supply would automatically be barred from applying?

    Your help is most appreciated thanks.
  7. As i've stated there is no need to declare it on your application to join if it is spent. Without having a quick look at the current version of the SC application I can't tell you off the top of my head whether spent convictions are to be declared (though I believe they are). Just make sure you read the application paperwork when you fill it out. If you are asked to declare spent convictions declare it, if you are asked to ignore spent convictions ignore it.
  8. ok thanks , I just don't want to do all the officer training only to find it was a waste of time because i dont pass SC lol. Would be good experience to do that though, but ultimately i do want to be an officer. Also is there a maximum service time for a TA officer?
  9. Maximum service time?
  10. Yeah i read that its 1 year minimum and 2 years maximum but might be false information. It came up on google.
  11. I'm not entirely sure what you mean however you can apply to become an officer up to the age of 35 and serve until the day before your 55th birthday.
  12. Sixty

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    When did that change? (ref the up to age 35 bit, was considerably younger than that previously).
  13. Strictly speaking it's 30 (but RMAS will take candidates up to 35). Bear in mind this is for applying as a TA Officer.
  14. Thats that sorted then! Happy days, all i gotta do now is hope for the best. Thanks bud.
  15. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    OK, thanks. Thought that things had changed officially but I'm assuming it's still the case that if the candidate is over 30 a waiver can be applied for.