joining TA while having an existing reg app

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bank_stick, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Ok so I have a regular application to join REME as an armourer which has been since last November 2010, still waiting for a space on an intake and it doesn't look like that's going to happen for a while because apparently REME is ******* overflowing with people at the moment and everyone is wanting in to join.

    Theres places in my local TA RA Batt, and their recruiter said theres a spot for me and they want me, I could be suited and booted in 3 days. I would love to get in an do something with them at least untill I get a date for basic because I could be waiting a while and frankly my motivation is down the toilet which is in turn affecting fitness etc.

    Problem being that the system doesn't let them process a TA application for me as I am already down for regs. The TA rang local AFCO to have a chat with them and apparently they were told it cannot be done because if the way the system stores applications, and that alone. But the TA said they were given the impression that AFCO thought the TA were trying to 'steal' me and were fed random stories. They were sure it could be done but don't know exactly how.

    So does anyone know of any way that I can join the TA without having to withdraw my regular app off the system and reapply and get knocked back another century on the intake list? Could an officer even be able to swing something or is there any weird and wonderful bit of army admin paperwork that could be shared with TA and my AFCO?
  2. The AFCO are talking crap and the TA unit don't know how to use TRHJ.

    Tell your TA unit to do this.

    Log onto TRHJ, click "candidate list", click "candidate -> find", enter your "surname, forename, dob and sex" and click "find candidate". Locate you and click on your records "URN"

    Click "other applications" on the left hand side and click "Create new" "British army" "army other rank TA".

    Hey presto, you have a TA application. It will not interfere with your Regular application. In fact you could have an RAF application, a Navy application and it still makes no difference. Par example, when someone comes to join this unit they will often also have a Regular Army Officer application, they then get a TA OR record and then (hopefully!) a TA Officer record. They become an entrant on the TA OR record, they can commission into the TA Officer record (although TRHJ doesn't have a commissioned setting for TA OF but that's another story...) and then they are still going through the Regular Army Officer application into which they hopefully commission. None of the records effect each other other than updating details (ie addressess/service number etc)

    Simples! Just make sure they don't click RAF Other Rank or anything like that...ergh
  3. Mongoose I owe you a beer! And possibly a good time girl and a giant stash of German porn!

    Thanks very much mate, I shall bitchslap both recruiters with said process tomorrow :D
  4. Ok so I was talking to my regular recruiter and he said if I was to go into the TA while I wait it could fcuk up my application and the army then may not even take me.

    Is he just trying to put me off because he can't be bothered with paperwork or is there an actual real chance of that happening?

    TA recruiter said no problem lets get you in double time, so there's no problems from them now anyway.
  5. I wouldn't like to personally slate a recruiter, I'd perhaps ask him exactly how and why it could **** up your Regular application, he may be new to the post and unaware how the systems work, I have experienced this myself so we shouldn't be too quick to suggest he's being lazy or what not.

    The two applications are separate steams that do not interact with one another, as an example I personally have a female on "my books" that is making an application to be a Regular Army Nurse via the RAMC and making a Regular Army Officer application via "me". The only potential issue I can forsee would be if both applications are processed at exactly the same time and say the TA unit uploaded your record to JPA as the same time as the Regular phase 1 establishment were trying, thus creating a mini admin problem, however it's one that is easily solved by someone with the right knowledge; (for example people go from this unit to Sandhurst, so instead of having a new record uploaded the old one is "cloned" and the details are filled in from the regular position, the TA record is then ended; no problem) - and it's highly unlikely given you've been told there's no space in the REME currently.

    Personally, I'd speak to Recruiting Group, who it appears are not that easy to get hold of "externally" so you could try 0845 600 8080 (the number listed on the Army jobs website, I assume that gets you through to HQ RG?) and ask them the exam question "will making a TA application scupper my Regular application" - I expect them to say "No". In which case you can tell your recruiter what they have said.

    It may well be that the Regular recruiter is thinking he won't "waste" any of his time on you if you're going to sod off into the TA, so you have to make a choice if you want to upset him and potentially ( I stress potentially) mess up your Regular application. It's a tricky one, but it shouldn't need to be; joining the TA should not be a bar in any way, shape or form to Regular entry.

    If you decide to join the TA, I would thank the recruiter for his advice but say you are really keen etc (on both counts!) and having sought advice from Recruiting Group who have told you xxxx that you have decided to also pursue a TA entry; but state you totally still desire to become a Regular Soldier.
  6. Thanks very much, will get on to RG then for a definitive answer.

    Myself and a few mates (mix of ex reg,civvie and TA) just couldn't get our heads around how it could interfere with the regular application in anyway at all when they run sepperate from eachother.

    Listen thanks again for giving me the info on this

  7. Ok so I like to start my sentences with annoying shite but also post comments on things that I have little knowledge of....

    such as .........

    ..In other words, you comment on the TA yet aren't even in it! are you currently in, or did you ever join, the OTC?
  8. Well assuming you go into the TA you will then need to serve for a non specific amount of time, as well as prove your worth before you can join the regular force as you need a letter of reccomendation to join the regulars if you go into the TA
  9. Nato I am neither,I have served as a jedi for many years though.... Hope that helps

    And may the force be with you ;)
  10. King, yeah I remember reading that somewhere, going to have to look into that little thorn as well
  11. TBH, Not really , just wondered why you commented on the TA training thread and said that it was like the OTC but with more beer and less work......not saying that I don't agree with you btw ;-)

    Oh, wait a minute......was it one of these?.......... Joke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. No need for it to be a thorn, provided your (TA) unit know your intention from the off (which they obviously do), and you're not a complete chopper while you're there.

    I can't speak for the whole TA, but in my unit OC's recommendations of this sort are a form letter. That's how often it happens.
  13. Don't let that door hit you in the vagina on the way out
  14. Good stuff then,doesn't seem like that will give me any bother
  15. After 12 years a STAB I became a special constable, and currently there's a waiting list and long selection/processing time for regular PC applicants to the force. In view of this, Regular applicants are actively encouraged to join as specials whilst waiting - somtimes 12/24 months. It keeps people interested and motivated and also gives them an understanding of how the organisation works.
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