Joining TA.... what people think...

As some of you may know I have decided to join the TA and will be popping down to the TA center next week to get the ball rolling. However, when I told my friends and family what I planned to do I got a mixed responce.

Father: I think that's a sterling idea, you will get a lot out of it.

Mum : Hmmm, I don't want you getting hurt but it will be a good thing to do.

Girlfriend: Oh, that's fantastic. Do you get to bring your uniform home? :oops:

Uni friends: Cool, you get cheap beer and do that camping stuff you like but with tanks'n'stuff. :roll:

Friends from School: WHAT!! You want to become one of Blairs murderers!!! you can't your worth more than that. You want to kill women and children? Work for Bush? {at this point I tuned out of the left wing rant and thought of nice things like nurses}.
After the first wave of ranting I could only counter with the "I don't think that is quit true now is it? I'm doing it anyway, it's my life..." repost. This went on all evening and most of the weekend. Judging by their responce you would have thought I had just admitted to anally violating the queens mothers corpse then feeding kitten pie to orphans!

Has any one else been suprised by a suprise attack of anti forces propaganda by friends or family when they told them of their plans to take the Queens shilling?
Ah the TA - neither civvy nor regular and universally loved and admired by both ;)

Tempted to give you the long-winded eve-of-battle speech about how great the TA is but instead LVH I say:

Feck 'em. You're about to be on the inside looking out. It's their loss, not yours.
Who's joining - you or them?

I suggest you do what you want to do and not worry too much what your friends think. After you've settled in and found your feet, your friends will probably see the many merits of serving with the Reserve Forces and follow suite!

And, if they do, make sure you fill in your Recruit Bounty card, as it's £50 for everyone you enlist - more beers money!!!!

PS - Killing is not a pre-requesite!!!
Pips said:
PS - Killing is not a pre-requesite!!!
In fact, I would probably recommend the opposite.

Screw your friends. I tend not to talk about TA stuff with my 100% civvy friends as they don't have a clue about anything military. I also avoid telling people I'm in the TA unless they ask directly as you are guaranteed to get mixed reactions. Sad but true. You know what you're getting yourself into and I agree with Pips and Abacus. Good luck with recruit training. I'm off to see how many babies I can stab in an hour and then try to beat that record.
Recruit bounty card????????? Never heard of it but it's a sterling idea.

Blood is thicker than water and if your family support you then feck em.The Ta is great and you get so many opportunities out of it. Go for it
ignore your t*atty school friends, having worked in safeway for the first two years of uni , I then switched to the TA and haven't looked back. Not only does it get you fit , develop confidence and look good on your c.v e.t.c .How many of your mates can say they've led section attacks with live gpmg's screaming over your head? How many can say that at the weekend they were given a landie and told to rag it round a training area , and get paid for it? How many can say that they have been invited by the navy to fly across to a remote island off the outer hebridies in a sea king and have a barbeque on the beach and get drunk, again whilst being paid. Go for it , you won't regret it. ( i've loved it so much i'm planning on doing it full time when i graduate in may )
As I go into the Regular Army my Step Dad will be coming out of the forces after his stint of 22 years, so naturally he's pleased

My Mum is pleased also, wants me to do something with my life and yadda yadda yadda

My biological Dad who hasn't really been involved with my up bringing as a child (I'm now 20) is a little weary and doesn't want me to get 'hurt' This is something I find hilarious.

Current partner is all up for it, and wishes me well, we both know the relationship won't last so I think we're parting on good terms, even though himself is thinking he'd like to do law in the Army, or possibly become an officer

'The Ex' who I'm still good friends with thinks I'm doing the right thing but will miss me greatly as the Army will cut all links of contact because we feel we have too.

Friends are happy for me - they know North Wales is a dead end place to live with not much job prospects.

I can't wait to start - I think it's an amazing oppurtunity.
Pips said:
And, if they do, make sure you fill in your Recruit Bounty card, as it's £50 for everyone you enlist - more beers money!!!!
Pips could you tell us more please - a new thread with full details in HERE would be good.


abacus said:
Pips said:
And, if they do, make sure you fill in your Recruit Bounty card, as it's £50 for everyone you enlist - more beers money!!!!
Pips could you tell us more please - a new thread with full details in HERE would be good.
My unit does this as well.

£50 for every person you get to sign up once they’ve been attested, and a further £150 once the recruit has completed his 2 weeks recruits course.
It’s just a little extra motivation to keep us recruiting.
We did this but the system was open to abuse from dishonest recruiting staff i'll split the cash with you if you tell the PSAO I convinced you to join


I’ve had all kinds of weird and wonderful responses from friends and family about me being in the TA.
I’ve been accused of everything from “playing soldiers” to being branded an “action man” :roll:
No one really has a clue what the TA is about and if you ever try and tell them you’ll find they’re either just not interested or just don’t understand because they have nothing they can compare it to.
The best thing I’ve ever been asked is “do you like killing people?” :roll:

Fek ‘em all, both the anti forces brigade and the anti TA brigade. They’re just jealous that you get to spend your weekends singing “ginh-gang-gooly-gooly” while buggering dead Arab babies :D


Book Reviewer
Goku said:
Fek ‘em all, both the anti forces brigade and the anti TA brigade. They’re just jealous that you get to spend your weekends singing “ginh-gang-gooly-gooly” while buggering dead Arab babies :D
Ah Goku, young Padwan - we have taught you well.

I'm on the refresher course now, and out here, frankly, it's pretty impossible to tell TA from Reg these days - except in certain trade groups, where there are only TA personnel involved...

Just join - it's great fun (most of the time) and COMLPETELY DIFFERENT from any other 'hobby'.
What winds me up is the kids fom the mosque next door who tell me I am a 'bad man' as they have seen me leave my house in my kit with comments like have you been to Afghan/Iraq? It's sad because at the same time they ask questions which betray their obvious interest in the army (like most boys I suspect). What's even sadder is despite being so fanatically proud of their 'home' country (Pakistan) they didn't have the slightest idea of it's basic history like the fact it was all India before partition and the commonwealth and stuff. But to get that sort of stick on your own doorstep for serving your country from people who live here but take such obvious pride in their hatred of it...OK sorry /rant off just winds me up. :evil:
When I first put the green on I decided to keep it quiet. Alot of my mates at the time were tax dodging students and i didnt know how they would react etc. It took 12 months for me to rotate the staff on as far as mates go. I still see some of them everynow and then. But my proper mates are all in green to. Dont worry about others think fcuk them off and go on holiday with your Bounty money!!!
I've been quite worn down recently with the amount of people (inlcuding immediate family) queueing up to express their displeasure at my enlistment in the TA. Regardless of the "Performing operations on behalf of the nation" element of our remit, there's an objectionable trend in society for some people to see organisations such as the armed forces or the police service as somehow disjointed from everyone else. Sir Ian Blair made a very good point in his speech recently about this, and how people feel they have the right to invoke criticism of the police without providing any support, or somehow thinking it was somebody else's responsibilty and not theirs. Now I just tend to say to people who have issues with the military to write to their MP or go on a march (most of them of course haven't and couldn't be bothered to do either) rather than giving me grief about it when I'm employed to perform tasks on behalf of a government which was democratically elected and maintained by the society THEY belong to.
I was regular before joining the TA so to many people who know me it came as no surprise. My wife just wondered how she kept me out of uniform so long!! :lol:

Many of the friendships you make in the forces last as they are built on the values and standards of the British Army. I don't want to bore you but such principles as loyalty, integrity, selfless commitment and respect, go to building lasting and valuable relationships. Sadly in civvy street these principles can be somewhat missing or not as wholeheartedly adhered to.

The TA is fantastic organisation but you will only get out what you put in. If you tirelessly attend, recruit, attend courses and learn you will not only rise through the ranks but also have a most fulfilling pastime, which will also enhance you and your civilian career.

Go for it, try it and put 100% in and then make an educated decision. I bet there are many great soldiers who felt it might not be for them until they tried it.
I worked this one out with a couple of mates last year when I had finally had enough of being informed that I was a baby killing, Nazi, Murdering, raping, racist:

1)I work for the government

2)The Government is democratically elected by the population (if they whinge at this point about it not being a true democracy, raise one eyebrow and look at them both skeptically and patronisingly and start explaining the system to them and how they did vote for blair...)

3)Therefore I work for the population

So any baby killing I do is at their bidding...If this wasn't the case then why does the Govt still have a record high majority?

Vote in Respect the Nation, and I'll stop shooting Foreigners
Just out of interest so i dont have to start a new thread. Does anyone have any experience of doing TA in Sixth Form College? Ill be wanting to join a local infantry unit when im 17.5 but how badly does it impact on A-level results if at all? Considering id call myself pretty hard working guy how badly does TA cut into work and every other commitment a student tends to have?

Id love to do TA and its certainly my type of thing being covered in crap lying in a ditch and all that jazz(i also enjoy soldiering as well... :wink: ) rather than counting fookin apples in waitrose. however im intending to go Royal Marineor PWRR (local regiment) officer and id rather have all the A levels i need to go to uni and be an officer and do it "proper" for 10 odd years, than do the soldiering at weekends but then not be able to go on torwards my objective.
ALWAYS put your education before the TA. The TA can wait for you, but your A-levels can't.

That said, if your unit understands your educational commitments, they will be able to work around them.


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