Joining TA ...looking at joining as a Reg Officer eventually

Hi there, first of all I'm new to the board - my name is Tom or Goldy, whichever.

I'm in my first year of A-Levels, just turned 17 and have always been interested in a career in the Army for as long as I can remember. Been on various 'taster' courses over the last few years while at school with The Royal Engineers, the Signals etc. and I've established a firm interest in hopefully joining the signals as an officer in the regular Army.

I've been scouting around doing various bits of research, and I'm currently looking into joining the TA whilst doing my A-Levels, then after looking at the possibly of the joining Full Time as an officer in the regular Army. Yes, I appreciate that the majority of officers are graduates and a fair bit older than I would be if I were to join after my A-Levels around the age of 19 but I'm confident it's what I want to do, and I've read around that 85% of officers are graduates, albeit 15% is a small percentage, but whats to say I couldn't do it?

My Local TA centre is Burton-on-Trent and it is the Royal Mercian Regiment who are infantry I believe, but they do have opportunities for Signallers I have been told. So I'm thinking of getting the ball rolling with that.

I just wanted some advice really, I'm confident I want a full time Officer career in the military, but I want to join the TA to establish for sure that it is 100% what I want to do. Then hopefully after having some experience as a soldier in the TA it will put me in good stead for the officer training and a career thereafter.

Any advice would be hugely appreciate on what you feel the steps I should take.



Sounds like you've got it sorted there to be honest mate,
I would say to anyone thinking about joining the regulars to join the TA first. It's a great step into military life to see if you like it or not, and it will obviously help you when you go full time.

So theres not much I can add to what you say there, just keep your fitness and motivation up and go for it.
Good luck :)
Ok mate! Thanks very much for the advice. Fitness isn't a problem, I used to run cross country for county, can do 1.5 mile in around 8 mins, so fitness isn't much of an issue and I'm positive it's what I want to do.

Thanks again.
my advice having been through the system, do a levels, go to uni, and join OTC whilst at uni. OTC gets you into the spirit of RMAS. Have you seen the pay differences bewteen grads and non grads~? might not be an issue to you now, but it would be in 3 yrs if you joined as a non-grad and were skint the whole time!!
Good advice above. TA will give an insight into soldiering, but there are significant differences in the life that you will lead as a regular soldier / officer to the TA experience (note - different, not better). The regular army officer recruiting process will offer you some good opportunities to do familiarisation visits to a variety of regular units and you should do as many as you can. In doing so you may also get a different view as to whether or not you should get a degree before you join.
Id say join the TA whilst doing your A levels, get a bursary through uni (after doing the acquaints and going through the officer selection process as described above), at least then you will have a guaranteed job after uni (subject to passing out of Sandhurst), the same cannot be said for many grads these days. You could do either OTC or TA at uni, I know of someone who does both TA and OTC, but they are a mega army barmy student who is incredibly organised.

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