Joining TA during Sixth form

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Levey, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,I'm 17 in september at the start of 6th form so ill be 18 and a half when I finish. Is it possible to join the TA during 6th form for year an then go into the regular army after?Thanks
  2. Good! Do you think it's a good idea to get the experience wiht the TA for a year before joining the Regulars?
  3. The money is nice. I doubt the experience will make much difference' 18 months isn't long to be a STAB.

    You might find your TA unit won't be too impressed to spend time and effort on you only for you to dissappear in 18 months
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  4. Any training before joining the regs will give you a headstart, the cash will be useful and you may find that once youve left school you may not get on an intake straight away, so your 18 month plan may become 24 months or more. You may even change your mind about the regs completely and get yourself a civvie job but retain the TA element. Who knows.

    The TA understand that they are often a platform for those joining the regs so you should be able to be open and honest about your plans.
  5. Yes, I was thinking the pay is a good bonus. So it's more of something to do Army-like while finishing off education before you do the real thing? I did think it might cause some issues if you leave after a year or so. Would that reflect on you when trying to join the regulars?Just saw the other post. If that is there sort of attituide then it seems like a good to join TA before hand.
  6. No regular recruiter is going to think it a bad thing that you joined the TA.

    I joined during 6th Form, and was a STAB throughout University. Difference is I stayed 11 years in the end and decided against the regular army. Do it, you won't regret it and if you are doing A Level Anglo Saxon you'll learn lots of useful words.............
  7. I joined at 17, for me it was a natural progression from cadets amd i wanted to join the regs. The reality was that after 6th form i fell into a well paid civvie job so sacked the idea of the regs. Im still in the TA now and dont regret a thing. I can do as much or as little as i like and op tours are available once qualified. Ive seen young guys and girls come and go. It can be frustrating seeing good soldiers arrive and then leave shortly after to join the regs, however there are many more on the books who join and then just dont turn up again, at least by joining the regs you are staying in the system and the Queen's money isn't wasted. Go for it! Do it earlier rather than later!
  8. Thanks for the help Roger. So even though it's only for a year minimum depending on waiting times, it's not the end of the world. Seems great for the pay and experience while at sixth form/waiting for the Regular Army. Looks althought I need to get my fitness up ready for september!and I'll consider taking that A level, seems... useful! :D
  9. You'll enjoy it. Ignore the TA stereotypes, if you put some effort in you get plenty out of it. Hardest part is toning your language down on Monday....
  10. Thank you too Arrseonist! Really encourageing and I find myself in you're position when you were younger. I'm sort of fed up with cadets and have hit the mark where DS'ing is pretty much all I'll do now. So looking for something challenging to fill the space before I hopefully join the army. Seem's like the perfect thing! and you get paid for it! :D
  11. Roger, I look forward to it! looks good and challenging! Haha!
  12. Do be aware you may find it a struggle to balance college with the TA, and you'll find it particularly difficult to get time off college for courses (if you're commited to college courses ofc, I presume you're doing A levels?)
  13. I agree with Faustic, also, leftie teachers and lecturers will be intimidated to an amusing degree.

    Join up, not now, right now!
  14. My dad was a proper leftie History teacher. Encouraged me all the way. Plenty of patriotic lefties about. Or maybe he was hoping I'd die gloriously so he'd get a decent 20 minute lecture out of it...........