joining TA at the right old young age of 38, and im female!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bikerchic, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. :D Hi all,,,, well, i have been checkin out these forums and i have had a few tips on joinin the TA and also with my medical checks and so on, and i would like to say how great it is to get the answers to all my worries... thank you...

    let me introduce myself, well i am a mum, i have 4 kids and im joinin the TA, at the young age of 38, i had my medical on tues,, and i passed, now im lookin at my asscessment day which will be in afew weeks, i thought it was goin to be over the weekend, but was told its only one day... if i pass that i will be startin my basic trainin in april of next yr...lookin forward to it, very much.... i carnt wait....

    i geuss if there is any others out there who wishes to say hi, then pls do...
    and any advise would be great...

    many thanks.....
  2. errrr fit..... well, i havnt had any problems, :D
  3. so who are you then smudge!!! whats your story.....
  4. Biker,

    Very commendable, well-done. Be aware, that with op tempo as it is, you will almost certainly deploy on ops, worth considering now, what any impact may be on your kids and family life.

    Not trying to scare you, just making you aware early so that it doesn't come as a shock in 2 yrs time!!!
  5. whate trade/branch are you going to?
  6. thanks goon... i have thought of this, and no worries there i have great surpport, and well my kids are abit older, 18, 17,14 and 9 so not as if they r babies huh, also im a bikerchic, so im ready for
  7. ooohhh dear...i suspect you're shortly to be acquainted with a few of the following characters:

    MDN (i think he may have changed his name?)
    Biscuits AB
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Keep it sensible in this forum.

  9. im at worcester branch 214 battery, and my trade is to be a combat medic, lookin forward to it....
  10. oh, and MSR...he's like a favourite elderly uncle...

    and, no doubt Outstanding will pile in at some point too, asking you if you think MOD staff should wear uniform and whether pay as you dine is a good idea!!!
  11. Although hes far from elderly.

    Bikerchic good luck.
  12. well ello...

    my fitness is not to bad, i have been trainin weekly, with runnin, and doin a dvd, and a bike ridin, i have been trackin my runinn, weekly with the 1.5mile run, and i seem to be gettin better at it, but im not a born runner... my sit ups arnt to bad, but press ups are pants.... not good at all.....

    thanks scuba_angel....

    and to you aswell Mr_deputy
  13. he's mature beyond his years!
  14. You mean that transport regiments section commander are supposed to be 'Don R's' AKA Despatch Riders, :p I don't know if the bleeps and drop shorts :wink: do that though TBH

    Edited to add crack on and give it your best shot too BC. :D
  15. no, the Section Commanders are, erm, Section Commanders. They were given a motorbike to allow them to cut about the transport columns in the days pre-PRR.

    DRs were in SHQs and RHQs and were indeed despatch riders.

    There wasa notion a while back to remove all of the inservice bikes from Tpt regiments, however, there was a considerable number of personnel directly linked to bikes on the 8005 which would have resulted in an estabishemnt reduction. I think the idea was canned?