Joining TA at 36

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by zacraines, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. One of my first posts at ARRSE and deem your opinion valid, mostly :)
    I joined TA at age of 25. After having a turn around of priorities in life and cutting out of life of lets say ' childish bullshit ' ( clubbing/recreational drugs..etc) I decided I wanted a challenge and joined the TA.
    What I witnessed was lets say ' a shock to the system ' as I am sure many ex-military will agree.
    I was dismissed on medical grounds in training in 1999, having an injured hip and lacking body weight. This was SF by the way, hence the dismissal half way through training/selection. Quite a leap for a civvy I hear you say...yes I agree , now with hindsight...I wish I had spent time in a regular TA regiment first then applied for selection.
    My query is to what you think I should now do, after having a taste for military life and discipline and yet am no longer able to apply for SF selection being over their 34 y/o age limit as opposed to regular TA upper age limit of 43 ? After all, I find that no challenge in civvy life is upto what I expect from an employer so to say...unless I pay hundreds of pounds on activity holiday...then its only fun and games..? And besides ..I can't afford it :)
    I have had my eye on the RMP TA for a while knowing they specialise in the kind of skills and career I would want from the army. Yes..I hear you action junky, walt, glory seeker...I prefer to think of myself as active and willing.
    I would be interested in what people have to say..and particularly interested in any ex-SF recruits that have not passed and want to continue the way I want to. Thanks in advance.
  2. As long as you are physically fit and have sacked the drug use i can see no bar to you rejoining.

    Your choice will normally be limited to the TA units in your area, however there are specialist units that may not be in your area, but will offer the same support and opportunities. I'm good friends with a Glaswegian who is a TA ammo tech and he enjoys it even though he is a few hundred miles away from Grantham which supports him.
  3. Thanks Dingerr,
    I value any opinion thats valid. I have well and truly sacked the drug use for sure. It was mainly pot and havn't touched any drugs at all for over 10 years. TA must have had an impact on me I guess :)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    What geographic area are you in?

  5. Zacraines, i am also 36 and just joined the Royal Engineers TA I am based at chilwell at the moment but live down in the channel islands (British troops get a lot more respect down here by the way) and its not a problem joining a specialist unit. And regardless of what has been said on here about TA units not looking after there blokes, my admin so far has been excellent. Wish i had done it years ago, infact now wish i had gone regular years ago.
  6. West Midlands, Birmingham.
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. The Foreign Legion used to take men up to the age of forty and put them through the same basic training as the teenagers. The Israeli army has the right to recall reservists up to the age of fifty five.

    If you prepare carefully - ie build up your fitness gradually and treat your body with respect you should have no problems. You may be slower than the kids over short distances but conversely you will have greater stamina, endurance and maturity and will cope better with lack of sleep. You will also have more life experience to draw on and (probably) better judgement.

    If you are thinking about RMP expect to be disliked by most people you encounter and forget that you ever used drugs - it will go down like a lead balloon.

    The other point to bear in mind is that the TA are being frequently mobilised. Worst case scenario; 'This year's hobby' could get you killed or crippled. If you are ok with that possibility then go for it.
    Good luck.
  9. @Msr
    Thanks a bunch Msr. I had encountered there site, but lost the link a while ago. Thanks again.

    Thanks for the input. I agree with regards being slower than younger recruits on speedmarches,sprints etc..But yes, I also have stamina to 'tab-till-I-drop' so to speak :) By the way, what is the stigma with RMP and it's rivals ? Is it like civvies and civvy police ? Meaning, civvies tend to stay out of the way of police even though they havn't done anything wrong ?
    I doubt It will be just for this year if I go in. I would want to make a go of it. With regards to mobility in todays forces and danger spots I tend to think that as long as I do my job and have good staff I won't worry about it so much.

    Thanks for input so far.

  10. the regular army had a similar effect on me now i smoke all the weed i can afford
  11. Why do you think that wanting to join the RMP will make people think you're an action junky or glory seeker?

    Anyhow, re age query. I joined late in life myself. Not a huge drama, but if you really want to join, do it quickly. At your stage in life, delaying matters will do you no favours.

    Good luck.
  12. Yer porkpie is right, i mean at his age retirment aint that far away is it, i mean shouldnt people our age be thinking about pensions :cry:
    Zacraines, go for it after all 36 is the new 21 :D when i did my run, sit ups and push ups i kicked the arse of all the nippers.
  13. Just out of interest, which Regiment was it?
  14. Pioneers i think he said
  15. 23 SAS(R)