Joining TA as CMT

Hey Guys,

Right I'm looking to chat to the ladies on here who is currently a TA CMT?

I've been thinking about joining the TA for a while now and I have no military experience but only a Basic Red Cross certificate in first aid and my family have served in the army so I know a bit about the military.

I like to get some more information from the ladies about their experiences in regards to the TA recruitment and training process from a female perspective.

Guys please feel free to chip in if you have any TA CMT info and advice.

Hope to hear from you :)

Much thanks!

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Depends what you want out of it - PM me if you want specifics, but as a genenral rule, I'd avoid Fd Hosps and find a local Fd Amb unit instead.......
You need to be either a paramedic or registered as a student nurse to train as a CMT. Thats what I was told by two field hospitals in the north west. The recruitment officer i spoke to advised me to join the RLC or something else as a driver then transfer to be a driver for them. Which isnt really what I wanted.

Good luck though, this was in maybe september 2011 so possibly things have changed since then.
You don't need to be clinical in civvy street to join a medical regiment (though some may argue it could help in the future). Stay away from a field hospital as they will only want registered hospital staff; nurses, docs, physios etc.
I second what ginger says, my unit have CMTs that are posties, builders, factory workers and students. There's only one gingeWHU I can think of, did you just leave us and our warm tents and women to go play with big guns and young men?
In my defence... The tents are not warm, that my friend is a lie.

I work for the NHS, I don't need the TA to provide female incentive... Not that I complained.

However, at least my new mob do have lots of GPMG which is always a fun selling point! Amazing how much heavier 7.62 link is than FFDs though

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the fd hospitals want student HCPs, people who work as HCAs in civvie street or Paramedics in their CMT slots for the following reasons

1. to provide a feed for PQO - as the TA doesn't have student spots

2. because the Army hasn;t quite caught up with proper recognition for paramedics beyond the fast track to CMT1 and paramedic being treated as an Adqual

3. because the clinical roles for CMT in a Fd Hosp ought to be HCA pids and the other roles while supposedly for CMTs have led to the alternate name of 'canvas maintainance technician'
In that case, can anybody recommend a unit in or near north west england that is recruiting CMT's please? 33 year old male, ex infantry. No real med experience, due to do FPOS-i next month.

Thanks Pogue. My application to join an Infantry unit is going nowhere and I'm waited so long it now feels like It's not really happening and I'm just being left to wait out until I lose interest.
I still say it boils down to what you want out of the TA. If you want medical training to use as a leg up for something in civvy life, then go for it. It's how I ended up doing what I do now.......

If it's just something you've got an interest in for your own personal reasons, then I'd say go for it. It's always nice to learn new things.

All I can say to you is don't expect too much in the way of actual 'medical' experience, bar the most basic of things - given that there are a lot of civvy qualified TA medics who are struggling to find PIDs that match their civvy jobs .....

Good luck with your application though.

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