Joining TA as a Student Nurse

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by missy, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. I am a student nurse in London, am thinking about joining the TA (as a student nurse) does anyone have any information or advise on this? much appreciated!
  2. post up a pic of yourself and we will tell you if you are likely to be accepted or not
  3. Is that the deciding factor? I am blonde, 5ft3, petite! does that help in anyway?
  4. I reckon you'll pass with flying colours hunni, there is a London TA medico unit, just go to the MOD site and look them the meantime, I have this strange feeling, its a kind of pressure build up, although it feels quite pleasant, and wonder if you could do a quick triage to establish what the problem is and see if you might diagnose and cure it
  5. Trying to get as much experience in different fields! as jobs in the nhs r so scarse! I live near the 256 (city of london field hospital) A squadron in Walworth, have tried phoning recruitment and speak to someone, no answer! thanks hopefull it will b ok!

    all advice is appreciated
  6. I remember them failing to "cure" me when a marshall gave me a spoof injury on excercise once; a label tied to my chest saying "sucking chest wound". was great, twelve hours of lounging around untill I was seen to...but sadly no seeing to :wink:

    Phones often go unanswered in TACs...try ringing od a drill night, or just turn up and ask at the gate if someone could see you.

    Best of luck with it, I wish I was the recruiting sargeant :D
  7. Hopefully next time u have a label marked "sucking chest wound" someone intelligent will c to it!! Ta
  8. I hope I never do, since I have left, so if I did then it would be for real which wouln't be much fun !
  9. mayb not then!
  10. Just thought I'd Google Image "missy." Ended up with a third of a million images, and didn't fancy wading through to find one that matched missy's description.

    So I added "student" to the search. And came up with about 350 images. Still too many.

    So I added "nurse" to the search - and struck gold!

    Here's missy:

  11. cheers putteesinmyhands! I can assure u that I do not look like that!! for one I am a girl!! if ur all that desparate to no what I look like PM me!!
  12. What! You're insinuating that Google is unreliable?

    Are you sure that it isn't your mirror that's mistaken?

    edited to add:

    There was actually a second image, but if I'd posted that one, people would realise that my safesearch is off.
  13. If you are interested in joining A Sqn 256, pm me & I'll point you in the right direction
  14. I can most certainly assure u that the last time I looked in the mirror 'that' was not the face starting back at me!!
  15. Oi missy where are these pics you promised!?!