Joining TA and Being Self Employed (Limited Company)


I am just completing my application form and have got to the section where it asks you for your employer details, as I am self employed do I just put the name of my limited company.

Also has anybody had any issues being self employed i.e. having to show accounts or tax details to the TA.

No dramas at all, I have my own limited company as well

There should be a bit where you declare that you are self employed which means you don't have to put anything, however it doesn't harm putting you limited company down, in theory you are not in fact self employed but work for your own company if that makes sense, self employed generally means cash in hand/PAYE labourer/skilled worker type of deal. But I wouldn't fret about it, the best bit it you only have to tell yourself you joined the TA :D

As for tax etc, the only time the TA need to see that sort of thing is when you are mobilised, one thing you do need to bear in mind is you will be paid and you have to declare that money so just tell your accountant what you are doing
msr said:
I am self-employed and have had no problems.

Your accounts / tax affairs are no business of the TA.
But it does make getting a proper rate of RA slightly harder when / if you mobilise. You need much more paperwork for Chilwell than the usual P60 and last 3 months pay-slips.

So I pulled the Ltd Co not self-employed and that worked fine ...

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