Joining TA aged 37

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jcarver007, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else joined late? Training myself up physically for it but thought i would ask how others have got on. I had previously put off joining as I had been told that glasses or contact lenses were a no no.

    Looking at PWRR - is there any difference between Worthing and Brighton?

  2. We had a recruit through the system at 50, mind you he had a very desirable skillset. He kept up with the rest of his group no problems, slower on the runs but lasted longer on the TABs.
  3. We had one joined at 38. Now a member of the 300 club and on his PTI course later this year.
  4. I can remember at least two recruits in their late 30's joining, given the lifestyle of kids (tut) nowadays I'd say that they we as fit or unfit as the majority of recruits. Go for it.
  5. sounds good to me. Just working on being able to lift equivelent to my body weight with pressups, heaves etc and getting time down on running.
    seem to recall hearing of someone in RAR regiment in his 50's in Afghanistan so my age not too bad then.
  6. I joined at 31, six years ago when the upper age limit was 32. Took a while to adjust my fitness but once I did I was away! Keep on training and go for it bud.
  7. I know of a 47 year old deploying later this year so no, youre not too old. Just turn up & put the effort in and youll be fine.
  8. I joined the RAF Regiment Aux (yes, I know...but they were the only ones who would have me) at 42.

    Some bits I struggled with, some bits I breezed...a lot depends on you as an individual. The yoof of today are not as fit as I remember being at 18!

    As for glasses etc..I joined as a boy soldier with glasses and spent 11 years in and out of Regular and TA Infantry units whilst wearing them. Just make sure you have a spare pair with you at all times...just in case.
  9. I joined the TA three years ago aged 38 after being out of the regs since the early 90s.The hardest thing I found was having to spend time with young immature fuckwits,lying in my pit on a night at the weekend thinking "why am I doing this?"
    Training wise,no problem there,nothing too hard.I was really suprised at the really low standard of fittness of some of the "playstation nation" younger recriuts. Phys wise,nothing too hard and I must admit Id gone a little soft around the middle since my regular days!!
    Four months after finishing basic I passed my PTI course and was back at the training centre as a PT instructor.
    I would say go for it,bit of getting fucked about but just switch off to it and take nothing personally.
    The glasses/contacts thing is utter bollocks,I wear both!
  10. Had a lad in my Sqn just get best recruit in TSC Alpha, even more impressive when he told me in conversation that he was 40, I did not realise as he could have easily passed for 25!
  11. Sorry meant RAF!
  12. If you get laser eye surgery you'll be medically downgraded for (I think) 12 months following the operation. Point to consider.
  13. Join, get in - then do Laser Eye surgery. 37 shouldn't be too old, just be aware that you have less time to progress in the ranks than an 18 yr old. As above you'll probably get sick of sharing a bloc with 18-24yr old Ptes spouting the usual crap of a night time.....
  14. Yes. It is specifically asked about on the medical forms.