Joining TA after a Medical Discharge (ooer missus)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by piespies, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Have looked around the forums but can't quite find anything that matched my rather peculiar circumstances.

    My story so far.

    Army Cadetship Officer, due to go to RMAS in Sep 03

    Back got bug*ered during my time at Uni, bit of treatment at Frimley (nothing major) but not good enough and I was discharged (following a Med Board) in Sep 2003.

    Have since graduated and gone on to a civilian career. However, have always had a hankering to get back "in" somehow, and now feel that my back injury has improved to a point where training etc wouldn't be a problem - indeed, a scan last year showed my discs etc all to be back in place.

    So I've just been to see the PSAO of my local unit, who sucked his teeth lots on hearing the words "Medical Discharge", but said that I'd need a medical from the MO, followed by a further Medical Board if I wanted to get back in.

    My question is this. Do I have a cat in hell's chance of passing a further Medical Board, or should I just jack it in now? Indeed, will they even consider me, having been discharged in the past?

    Secondly, do the specialist TA/Joint units have the same medical standards, or should I look at them as an alternative to "normal" TA units?

    Many thanks in advance for anyone who can advise.


  2. msr

    msr LE


    They will consider you, ask the PSAO to get you booked in to see the MO and s/he will decide if you are fit enough.

    Don't let the PSAO make the call for you....

  3. Have a chat with the MO directly.
    My understanding of the system is that the medical standard should be the same TA/Reg.

    If your back hasn't been giving you any dramas and the MO gives you the all clear there shouldn't be a problem.
    Once you're in through the door any back problems that occur later will be dealt with by medical grading etc, you could possibly still get deployed for home duty only and spend the tour sitting in a pokey office at Chilwell (or other such rivetting places).

    It also depends on what you want out of the TA, or which unit you want to join. If you want to go through RMAS TA route then there's a whole length of time prior to it and whilst you are there where tabbing et bergen is required regardless of which unit you join. But you'll already know that.

    With budget restraints becoming an ever increasing problem, the PSAO will probably be sucking his teeth as he's thinking of the MTD investment vs potential liability. He won't want to spend his money on you for attending loads of training if in a few months you are medically discharged or long term down graded. Our PSAO is a great bloke and tests the flexibilty of the budget all the time, but i swear he had a few stitches put in his r**gp***e when he went on his PSAO course when it comes to some obscure things, notwithstanding my mess bill!

    If the MO gives you the all clear the PSAO will have a tough time turning you away.

    If your back is OK, I say crack on and give it a go.
  4. Sorry did I read that right ? You were MD'd from QTC ? Is that possible ? What I mean is, is that an MD form the army, or just a sick note form a doctor, if you said you were MD'd from RMAS or any part of the regs then, yes, I can see a problem. Surely joining the TA will involve a medical and itwould be their say wheter you join ?!?!

    Please (as ever) correct me if I am wrong
  5. Medical discharge is okay, providing the MOD are not paying you a pension as a result.

    You'll need to jump through a few more medical hoops, but they're not insurmountable.

    To a certain degree, you want to jump through the hoops - if they find out later that you had issues, (and let's not kid ourselves, people do lie about health histories), then you're on your own.
  6. Ah. They are. This could be a bad thing, I'm guessing?
  7. I presume you mean OTC? I was MD'd from a Cadetship - I was technically in the Regs as a probationary subbie - before I couldget to Sandbags...
  8. If the Army dispensed with your services, and are paying you a medical pension, then they are extremely unlikely to allow you into the TA.

    That would mean that they are paying you a pension because you could no longer be in the Army (and they're liable, hence the pension), and then paying you to be in the TA. Disability rules are quite complex, but you could potentially be telling them to stop paying you a pension as you're now fit.

    Have a chat with the PSAO of the unit you're interested in, and ask him to staff it up the chain. You'll have to tell him irregardless, as when they apply for your old docs, it'll be stamped all over your file.

    I've experienced two cases now where the ex-Regular soldier was medically discharged and in receipt of a pension, and neither application progressed.

    Medical discharge where the Army aren't making payments are more straightforward - you prove your health is fine, and you're in.
  9. Thanks for the tips Mr_R.

    Just out of interest, reference second question - do the specialist units have different entry standards re: medical?
  10. I know one lady who was MD'd and pensioned from the regs but who served as a clerk in my old TA unit.
  11. i'm in the TA and i managed to fracture 3 vertebrae in my back. But, nose to the grindstone, i manged to get myself fit and went from not being able to walk properly to passing the CFT within 6 months.

    It depends on your TA unit. Mine were very supportive without a whisper of being medically discharged.

    There is the other side to the coin tho. As long as you are willing to put in the training then go for it. But there is a girl in my old sqn who hurt her back falling off a GS truck. No word of her being medically discharged but she did claim against the army and has been malingering as a 'down graded' ever since as she pulled a muscle. Well, i've done that too (at my shoulder blade ) but there never stopped me joining up in the first place.

    Just as the MO, and it may help if you get supporting evidence of you being fit from your own consultant/GP

    Good luck xox
  12. I may be proved wrong but as far as I know there is no difference in the entry standards for specialist TA. The only difference is the job they do and the training commitment which is lower than the mainstream TA.

    You have just as much chance (or in some cases MORE chance) of being mobilised for overseas service in the specialist TA so I can't see any reason why the medical requirement would be lower.

  13. Thanks Humph. My main reason for asking was that I am a linguist, so was perhaps hoping to go that way within specialist TA, as such I couldn't see the need for such stringent medical standards as "normal" TA.

    Or am I being naive?

  14. A tad naive, although it can mean that promotion courses will be that much simpler. Friends of mine did a SNCO course, where one of the individuals was apparently atrocious but still passed the course, they reckon because the individual was about to take up an FTRS post that was very hard to fill from a technical view.

    Soldiering skills weren't as important as the other skills the individual was bringing along.

    But medical standards are medical standards, although I can see an MO being pressured to pass someone if they were in a category that was difficult to fill.

    Specialist and Independent Units have the same standards as far as I'm aware - I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who says they're different!

    Your case is different though, if you're in receipt of a Medical pension, and that's the issue you need to clear up directly with your sponsoring unit.
  15. As far as i know the regulations are clear as crystal on this one, in so much as once you are in receipt of a disability pension from the Military you cannot re-enlist into any of the Armed Forces or Reserves.

    It would be like getting paid twice :D

    However i am sure there is some part of it where the pension can be relinquished but i cant see that as being a road i would even entertain following to be honest.