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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by race-demon, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. ive just written a huge new topic....didnt send, nevermind

    ive been surfing the AR.R.SE forums for 6 months and in 12 hours i have my barb test!, all i have in my possesion is my birth cert and proof of NIN, the rest i have never seen in my life (nat health num etc).

    my GCSE's wer thrown out when clearing a bed space for mum when she had cancer so theyre long gone, is it really important considering my RLC drivers job states "no qualifications required"? it may be a few days before i find out again (already on the case but times against me).

    how much do they really need?

    and is there anywhere i can find a guide as to what to expect after the barb test, after the interview, after adsc training?, ive looked and found guides but they give no* detail as to what will happen after what and wether its relevant to what im looking to do (RLC..)

    well this is long enough ill give you lads a rest, i appologise for this, we all start somwhere

    P.s i hope this helps anyone hoping the join with the same problems as I, even after using the search as i did..
  2. they need the certificates otherwise you won't be able to declare your GCSE's.

    after your barb you will be given medical forms to hand in to your doctor, when these are returned and checked you will be given dates for 2 interviews. After these you will go to ADSC.
  3. Race demon, have a good read through the stickies on the top of the page. There is lots of info as each individual has gone through the process.

    Good luck.
  4. Might have to reorder new certificates.
  5. In light of the GCSE certificate's - Schools don't do 2nd copies of certificates. I've just been through the same thing with my school , thought i'd misplaced them however luckily in my case , i never actually received them just the little result slips. Schools nowadays offer a headed piece of paper , which states your results... when i looked into getting one they told me they charge about £7.50... obviously this may differ between schools.

    Hope this is of any use.

  6. You probably won't need them for that job. However, if you do; if you can remember the exam board you took them with, have a look on their website. Their are instructions on how to re order a statement of results.
    It lost mine, had to re order some from AQA. They charged £40ish for all the results taken with said exam board.
  7. cheers lads, (and douthy id buy ya a pint)
    had my barb today (my med forms i have but my optician and gp have fobbed me off a tiny bit, eye test on thurs and gp asap)
    got about 10 q's wrong on my literacy (which im actually very good at, just didnt seem clear, level 1) and 2 wrong on my maths (which i suck at..level 2)
    my barb apparently was really good!, dunno what i got, will fill you in when i find out/if i can find out

    so next plan;
    save 40 quid somehow and wait for the AQA(?) to post my certificates again if they can...

    whoever said the pen is mighter than the sword obviously worked in a careers office lol (credit to all those in the careers offices though)
  8. Its around £35/£40 for a particular session and exam board, so if you took some say with one exam board and a couple of other subjects with another, then you would have to pay the relevant fees. £40 per board for one set of exams taken at the same time.

    I very much doubt a letterheaded piece of paper from the school with suffice.
  9. Just to clear any concern , is it not better paying about £10 for a headed statement of results from the school of the examination. Rather than paying £35/£40 to each examining board , most people of which have about 3/4 maybe even 5 examining boards for all GCSE's.... Do the maths.

    Syn :)
  10. they do not accept a statement of results

    they only accept genuine certificates from each subjects exam board.

    Yes it costs a lot, but you're not meant to lose them!
  11. The recruiter online , that i spoke to then must be wrong! Then.....
  12. i can only speek for myself with my certificates. I lost mine in a fire,
    but after talking to the adviser he said i never needed my certificates as the job i was going for i never needed any qualifications, so it was not inportant. Think it will depend on the job you are going for.
  13. In regard to the first post, I am planning to make up another Rough Guide thread for joining as a soldier. Dont expect it anytime over the weekend, but it will be sorted by the end of next week.

  14. We do accept statement of results as long as its on headed paper!!!!!!
  15. I rest my well informed case!....

    Appreciate clearing of that MSI