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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MW3_Sniper, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone, quite new to this. I passed ADSC with grade B last week and just waiting for my security vet to come back in. Anyone have an idea how long it will take to get a start date? Been told by my recruiter that I might have to wait till april next year. Does it depend on individual scores that I obtained at the ADSC? I have applied for the Royal Signals - CSO, my TST score was very high.
  2. I had my ADSC on the 22nd September, got a High A and will start in January. So i've waited 3/4 months. Just to give you a rough idea. It changes from person to person though.
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  3. All depends on where you sit in the recruiting list for your current job choice and also if anyone scores higher than you after you are on the waiting list...
  4. Recruiter said April so it might be then.
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  5. Damn! means higher scores will jump me on the list. I spoke to my recruiter about my 2nd job choice which is infantry and he said I should wait for my first choice. I only went for signals as my first choice as I have a lot of experience in communications and IT(although I know it doesnt make any difference as I will learn everything again in phase 2), but only found out later that it can take upto 1 year on the waiting list for these trades.

    good luck for ur training at catterick! you must be thrilled!
  6. You were right, got the phone call this morning starting 12th april at pirbright.
  7. I wasn't right your recruiter was, maybe you should have listened.
  8. I was an IT network engineer before joining, I'm currently doing the IT section of the CS Operator course and the knowledge will help you out a lot. What we're doing is quite basic, like re-installing Windows and the like, and it's nice to be able to sit back and breeze through it without too much hassle. Picked up a few things that I didn't know before, mind - like the odd command line shortcut that I hadn't know/long forgotten about.

    Worth the wait, it's not a bad course.
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  9. I just got my start date today, my recruiter said to me yesterday it would be a may start date but because i got a high A i got a call today saying i'm starting on the 15th of jan!
  10. Good thing you mentionned the old command line am quite rusty at it too!
  11. well done! where u going for phase 1?