Joining soon.

Hi all,

Tonight i have arranged to visit my local TA training session to ask about joining up. A few months ago i was in the process of joining the regulars but stuff at home etc. was a bit ropey so decided against joining.

Now im self employed and have a great job that im not prepared to give up but on the other hand still want to join the military, the TA means i can keep my job, be at home more and still get my kicks out the army.

Anyways what i wanna ask it a recommendation that you go on the weekend taster before you join?
I know for definate i will enjoy it and i my fitness isnt bad from when i was applying for the regs. Is it more of an assesment weekend than a taster weekend ?

Thanks in advance for your answers and help :)
Different Regts will have different rules, so you'll have to check with whoever you're thinking of joining. What doesn't change is that it will take ages for Glasgow to sort out your pay etc, so the sooner you get the ball rolling the better. At the end of the day you can leave if you don't like it, so if you don't have to attend a taster w/e and you're already sure you want to sign up then I wouldn't bother. Might be a useful opportunity to meet people and ask any questions, etc, though....
The taster weekends have two main purposes, 1 to let you see what the units does (but beware they will tart it up a bit) 2 it gives the existing unit members and instructors an idea of how you will fit in with the unit (they will be watching you). Do you only want to join your local TA unit? There some very good options available out there depending what you want to do and where you are. Good Luck.
I would agree with what shs says, but don't get so wrapped up in looking it as an assessment. Drop in have a look at what they have to offer if you like what you see, get your name down asap. It takes ages to get processed, and your recruits course is going to take at least six months to complete. I know from my current unit that we're pretty stretched with mobilisations, so the more the merrier.
Yeah i had a chat last night and cant wait to get joined up. I have the option to do my phase one training in a 2 week block so ill probably do it that way rather than spending 8 seperate weekends.

TaffYorkie you imphal ?
Currently STA. Goodluck with the training, there's nothing to it. Like Polar says we need everyone we can get our hands on at the mo.
Ahh I never knew there were so many York types here on arrse :D

Just to echo Polar, good luck. Also from what little I've seen of the EWRR (brief vist) in york they seem like top chaps who seem to have managed to grab some totty to join the unit too :D
Dogz said:
Now im self employed and have a great job that im not prepared to give up but on the other hand still want to join the military, the TA means i can keep my job, be at home more and still get my kicks out the army.
Good luck with it all. However, i notice that you are self employed, how would your business stand up to your absence for a long time. Secondly, you say you want to spend more time at home. The TA are deployed on ops now more than ever before. Just be aware that you may not be at home as much as you wish. If you are prepared to put up with all that then go for it.
Yeah im self employed but i have a contract with a local company, ive talked to the gaffer and its not a problem to be away. As the TA pays for your time i wont be loosing out on anything (well its a pay cut but the experiences and training ill recieve will be worth the loss).

As for family they'll just have to put up with it ;)
It won't necessarily be a pay cut. If you earn more money in your civvy job, there usually is a case to appeal for a hardship grant (not sure of the terminology) to make your pay whilst on mobilisation, the same as what you would get paid for both your civvy job, and your TA pay. All you need to do is prove your income. If your a drug dealer, maybe a bit dodgy, but for all kosher jobs, it's just a simple matter of bringing some documentation with you to your mobbing such as tax returns, etc. Not an expert, but i think there's no probs that way.
Might be worth having a look at what the MOD's financial obligations are if you end up somewhere sunny or spend time at Mr Blair's leisure in the future. I claimed hardship allowance for Telic, finances worked out fine for us.

You may be able to get a deferral ..assuming that is what you want. Have a look at the MOD,SABRE or TA site for details of allowances.

Its just a thought,.. would not want to spoil your fun thats all.

welcome to the party and good luck :D
A bit late like but good luck mate..

Phase one, in a fortnight, better than doing it over the weekends mate as you forget less :lol: Although IF you pass phase 2, lads are getting called up from all over the place for TELIC and FINGAL so make sure your buisness is nicely looked after because I have a feeling once you come through into the unit, you won't be in this country long :lol:

Our unit was ripped apart from mobilisations as we had lads in TELIC 1, 2, 3, and 4 aswell as lads out in Afghan, so it's pretty busy in the TA these days...

Hope it goes well for ya mate... :wink:

Some major advice, get a decent pair of boots or insoles for the CFT as your feet will be ripped apart in the issue boots...

And it's easier with no sling on your weapon...
Dogz bit late as well, but good luck.

And if its any help i use to be a PSI at a Ta unit for over 2 years, if you need any help or have any questions give me a shout, and if i cant answer them for you, i might know someone who can.
While you're a recruit? Use what you're issued.

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