Joining soon, just some quick questions!!

right guys, Im joining the infantry soon, been to see the CA and he said I'v to go back next week after a good hard think about it.

So going back mid week next week, just a few quick questions tho,

will I get my interview when I go bk next week or will they just have another chat with me and schedule my interview?

I am not really worried much about the interview or medical, just one question on that tho, I currently wear contact lenses, can I wear them in the infantry? I've heard a range of answers from yes but not in training, some said no need to wear glasses, some said I can wear them all the time and I'v even had someone saying the army pay for laser surgery!

anyone in the infantry with contacts? or know anyone who is? whats the truth?
Yes you can wear them throughout your career.

Yes you will go back for a chat then they will arrange an interview and contact you withing a few days afterwards.
I wear contacts. I once wore a pair of daily disposables for three days in the field... I wouldn't recommend it! As to laser surgery, its something I looked into myself, but you've got to consider the following factors:
It's fucking expensive
It tends to wear off over time
The Army only allows certain types
The technology is constantly improving
and above all, how many opticians do you know that have had it done?
right cool, thanks for the answers so far, did you guys wear the monthly ones? Thats what I currently wear. And chris_2006, did they not got flushed out when you were doing training in water or whatever?

Cheers again

Contact lenses as has been confirmed are allowed but to the extent of my knowledge you can't wear them for around 8 days before selection & on it, but you must bring them (I would). I'm guessing that means wear your specs?
yeah matey i wear the ones which you can keep in for up to 30 days

handy for exercise... but i take them out whenever i can if im not in the field

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