joining signals & could do with some help/advice?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by newtoarmy, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. I should be joining as a communication systems operator, or a driver lineman.

    I know that I need to be able to say which regiments I prefer to be considered for at my two day-er at Pirbright, but after looking at intenet, have been bombarded with such a huge number of regiments that I am confused even further.

    I am a married father of two, but really want to serve on tours & overseas postings if at all possible.
    Anybody able to tell me which regiments are most likely to be doing op tours & or overseas postings.

    Thanks in advance......
  2. mate, i dont think you need to say a preference at that stage, if you are at the early days you will have plenty of time to learn about the differenet roles, but i can assure you that you will be able to serve overseas (and have your wife and kids with you) and also go on op tours (family wont come on these!!).

    rethink your job choice though mate, CS op and Liney are far from the corps premium trades, have a look at the IS side or even Cs Eng or whatever the tech side is called now.

    If i am wrong, post again and i will give you the run down on some regts that might suit you.
  3. I can get the number for 'Relate' for you if you'd prefer...?
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Since when did 7 sigs do Work? must have fucking changed alot since my day then. It was beer and rugby.
  5. Are they the only choices you have? There are (IMO) better trades in the Sigs. If you aren't offered better consider the engineers.

    I think that "regiment" in that context would only really apply to inf and cav. Naming a corps would probably be enough.

    Stay in long enough and you will get all that. Good luck.
  6. Thanks for the quick replies.

    I am actually an ex regular (out now for ten years....Arty), I really wanted to become either combat medic or an engineer.
    As they are not recruiting for these until April '10 at the earliest, I have had to make a decision on changing trades on what else was on offer to me & the fact that the recession has put me out of work leaving us with practically no other options (not re-joining because of this, it has just accelerated our decision).

    With regards to the hunt for individual regiment (e.g 40th field R.A),
    the Army careers guys told me that todays Army can afford to be a bit more choosy, & therefore expects a new recruit to be able to knock out the details of his preffered regt word, line & verse?? So I guess what I am after, is finding out those regt's who are likely to deploy, as in my experience some can be a bit shy on that front.
  7. In response to the deployment question, the 'campain' Regiments will be as follows, 1 Div, 3 Div, 2 Sigs, 16 Sigs and 21 Sigs.

    Biscuits, 7 went from the Rugby and beer Regiment to the Football and beer Regiment.

    So nothing much has changed :wink:

    It will in around 3-4 years though when they move to Stafford.