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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by TK28, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I am sixteen and in my first year of college. I would like to try and join sandhurst, what is the best way to go about doing this? Should i wait till just before uni or get a scholarship, if so how. Also, what are my chances of getting in? is there anything i can do to maximise my chances, other than getting good grades.
    Many Thanks,

  2. Assuming this is not a Wah, and without wanting to be rude, go to your nearest Army Careers Office and speak to them. They'll have someone who deals with Officer applications and will answer all your questions. Because funnily enough, that's their job.

    Contact a Careers Office - Army Jobs London
  3. aha thanks i will they are just all so far away! cheers
  4. Teddington, far from a recruiting office?

  5. nearest one is central london!
  6. So you lack the motivation to travel 15 miles or so with numerous public transport options to initiate a discussion about something you aspire deeply to?

    You are in for a shock.
  7. Yes Tom, you could try not being such a twat.
    Hope this helps.
  8. ok well i was only joking obviously i am going to go there. no need to have such a go at someone you dont even know. why are you even wasting your time calling people you have never even met 'a twat'. pipe down.
  9. As much as this does seem like a wah, especially in light of the other mong threads that have appeared in the last 48hrs...

    READ THIS FORUM!!! Spend the next week or two reading as many threads on here as possible, in as many of the forums as possible. There is more than enough info on here to tell you everything you need.

    I didn't post on here until I'd spent several months gathering as much info as possible and when I did I actually got some really useful answers as I didn't ask stupid questions about basic, easy to gather information.
  10. I am starting reading llike you have said, was it just the forums here or is there some other good places to look?

    How did officers selection go for you, what was useful to know and what wasnt?

    John T
  11. Stop typing... start reading... all of your questions will be answered!
  12. See mt other post on different topic...why you being arsey to me?

    John T

  13. He's not, don't take it personally as its just the internet. However, regular posters here get irritated with constant Potential Officers asking questions that have been asked before. There is a dedicated thread for it. and I doubt whether your questions haven't been asked previously. If you and other applicants cannot read a thread dedicated to the purpose then it speaks volumes about you.
  14. Do you not have an army careers advisor that visits your school/college?
  15. Oh dear. I suggest that you switch your ambitions and try to become the next Pope instead because, from what you have revealed in your posts to date, that would be far more likely than you ever becoming an army officer.