Joining Royal Engineers - I need some clarity please gents..

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The_Welsh_guy, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi gents, I'm 19, have 11 GCSE's (grades B-C) and am considering joing the Corps of Royal Engineers and appreciate some help.

    I've read all the booklets on the Engineers, watch the DVD, read the website, read many many posts on this forum and done countless other researching on the 'tinternet for many moons. My desired trade is.... Pioneer (tada!!) - jack of all, master of none...its variety which is great lol and the promotion prospects seem competitive!! Plus Assault pioneer is an option to further myself along with the Specialties options available - 2 of which are causing me issues... :?

    Specialist Engineer Commando : 59 commando squadron (now 24 Commando Royal Engineer Regiment)

    And Specialist Engineer Diver : Anti-Mine and underwater Explosive Engineer. (You are trained along with the Navy Divers in poole) Here is a video on the Navy website I've found which explains a little more:

    The very curtious SSgt said it wasnt generally allowed and the Army prefers you to stick to one specialist role. (naturally) "It was and issue for admin" He proceeded on and said although this is a concencious decision and not a rule. The army would try and accomidate a request to transfer if you really hated your specialty and it meant it was keeping you in the Army!! Hmm makes sense, but this is pretty linear considering it would undoubtedly help with retention and obviously recruitment as a whole...but I digress.

    Now I may be (read: I AM) an ignorant tw*t and maybe I've watched too much tv...(DEFINATLY).. but this is one of the very reasons I chose the RE because in my not so infinate wisdom I some how believed you could move and respecialise after a few years, what with the enormous options available within the Corps. Which is useful to prevent things from getting stagnated :roll:

    I have hightlighted option because its just that an option - I'm not some wanna be rambo, just a young man who feels compelled to ask about the ins and outs of a fabalous corps of men from people who have been there themselves!! This is all they are: options. Options to be considered.

    Many thanks fellas

    P.S. Sorry if for anything I've said has caused offence, it was not intentional. Also please excuse any spelling, punctual and grammar mistakes along with any other in discrepancies. Its late and I'm knackered! :) Thanks again.
  2. After all that reading you can't even get the right job name. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PIONEERS IN THE CORP OF ROYAL ENGINEERS :evil: :x :evil: :x
  3. If you want to be a pioneer go and join the RLC
  4. There is nothing whatsoever becoming a diver and doing the All Arms Commando Course.
  5. Welsh Guy, as Holdfast stated there are no such things as Pioneers in the RE, they belong to the RLC (grave diggers mainly), the infantry also have assault pioneers (watered down Combat Engineers). Either all your research is leading you astray or despite all your GCSE's you haven't quite got the grasp of it.

    As a brief synopsis every soldier in the Corps is effectively multitraded. Firstly as a soldier, secondly as a Combat Engineer (the RE phase 2 training) and thirdly as a tradesman (anything from driver or signaller to artisan trades such as Electrician, Plumber, Draughtsman or Surveyor). With your quals it would be advisable to go for a design trade (Draughtsman, Surveyor or CMT) although this is entirely your choice.

    If you wish to go badge collecting the Corps offers opportunities to do so, either Para, Commando or Diver training, this is in addition to your trade and Combat Engineering, not a replacement of. hope this clarifies some points for you, any other questions post them up. The Corps is the only real choice in the Army for the variety of work it offers so best of luck to you.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Diver and Commando are additional qualifications that can be picked up once you are in. Whilst you can aspire to be a diver, the Corps does not have a diver career stream. Unit diving teams are formed from the qualified divers within the unit, and will be pulled together for training or when needed for tasks. Otherwise they do their mainstream trades.

    Commando and Parachute engineers are two regiments with a specialist role, but it is now very rare for people to serve a full career without spending some time away in other units. (Indeed it is advantageous in career terms to do so)
  7. REgards, Im impressed! :wink: I'm just wondering how many Sappers read the first post and spat their chips/pie/beer/brew at the screen while trying to yell "Feckin Pioneers?!?!"

    A calm and well rounded response there :p
  8. Cheers buggrit :thumleft:

    How's life in sunny Blighty treating you mate?
  9. Indeed, you may have guessed that I wasn't too impressed. The lad could turn out to be another NT. OK, maybe not :D

    Wonder how Knocker would've phrased it? :twisted:
  10. Holdfast, compared to knocker you're the polite one!!
  11. At least I didn't compare Knocker to a Pioneer, that would've been tea spluttering time. :twisted: :D
  12. Blighty is great at the mo matey, sun is scorching, lasses are wearing next to nothing and the surf chicks are flocking to Newquay. You need to get yourself a leave pass from the missus and get back here on the lash.

    Anyways, thread hijack over...

    Feckin Pioneers ye say?!?!?!
  13. The Defence Diving School is in Portsmouth, not Poole. I don't really know much about the RE Divers, but from what i've seen of them at the island they only do air diving and are not trained for an EOD role. Seem like a good bunch of lads though.

    If you've got your heart set on diving, join the Navy and apply to be a Clearance Diver - get in their quick though as I think diver recruitment is coming to a close soon, if it hasn't already.
  14. Don't join the navy! :x

    Unless of course you have a hankering for bell bottoms and selling stories to the media :roll:

    The Corps is the one/only choice :thumright: RE :thumleft: