Joining Royal Engineers as Officer

Hello. I am 16 years old and interested in joining the Army after College and University. I am trying to decide on which role interests me most; I think I have narrowed it down to Royal Engineer Officer and Infantry Officer.

Basically, I wanted to ask, what kind of role does an Engineer Officer take? At the moment I have the idea that an Engineer Officer will plan how to build and construct a structure, would this be accurate?

Thanks in advance for any advice,
sit in an office and do bugger all... but i think thats the TA and not the engineers.

On a serious note, engineer officers, as with most officers are primarily responsible for the dicipliin, welfare and career management of their soldiers.
There are lots of tasks that combat engineers undertake from mine clearance to construction, you will end up being envolved with a variety of these.

One of the best ways to see if this is right for you is to do a corps fam visit through your local army careers advisor, you can do the visit without any commitment to the army, and they are good fun.

I also suggest joining the UOTC while at university, some of them have specific RE troops that you can join, and you will be a paid territorial army soldier, but with the added bonus of not being operationaly deployable (making it a bit like the cadets but with a pay slip) you can also do engineer visits and attachments through them.

Hope this helps


At the top of the Sapper page you will find a thread on joining the Corps in the announcement section. This contains a number of links to RE Careers webpages, and gives contact details for the recruiting liaison officers. Your best bet is to read through the extensive amont of information on the Corps web site, then get in touch with the Corps recruiting team and get on a visit.

If you are not already an Army cadet you might consider joining now, and similarly as you go through university or college join the TA or the OTC.

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