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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by gandalfthebrown, May 13, 2013.

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  1. Just got my job offer email off NRC and it states "This letter is a formal notice that you are being offered a job within the Royal Artillery as a, RA - SE Gunner Crewman subject to successful completion of training". I plan on becoming a special gunfire observer so its kind of confused me as it doesn't say that on the email, can anyone clarify?

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  2. Well you can't become a special gunfire observer without first going through as a gunner i imagine, a bit like how you cant join as a combat assault engineer without first being in the infantry for a few years.
  3. For the last three years all RA go as Gunner Crewman into Phase 1 training. Once you get to Phase 2 your then streamed into the specific roles, a lot will depend on what you have stated you wanted during the Selection Process, what the RA at larkhill want you to go and also on training results and finally BARB score. If you got under 46 on the BARB all you can do is AS90, Light gun or logistics...if over 46 then the other roles like Observer could be open to you. Do well at Phase 1 and then the SPSO RA will make things clearer of what role you will go in Phase 2 closer to going to Larkhill.
  4. You can become a special gunfire observer straight from phase 2 that's why it's confused me.

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  5. Oh I see that's cleared it up, thanks iron. I did tell my recruiter I want to go in as a special observer but I think he did actually put me down as a gunner crewman so will I have to phone up to change it? My recruiter did say during phase one you can put a prefrence to what you want to join as so now it kind of makes sense thanks, could you tell me what the barb score is for a special observer iron?

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  6. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    As The_Iron said, all entrants to the RA go in as Gunner Crewman, so your recruiter was right to put this. In Phase 1 you will be assessed and streamed as state before. You let them know that you are interested in a specific role and they will look at you. If they think you are suitable they will put you that way for Phase 2. If not they will tell you what your choices are. As for the BARB score, as long as you got over 46 then you are eligible (as far as BARB is concerned) for the more specialist jobs.
  7. Nope no need to phone and change. You'll go through phase 1 as a 'gunner crewman'.

    It's when you get to larkhill that you put your preference for regt/trade.

    In your case special gunfire observe= put down for 4/73 bty at phase 2.

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  8. Your Recruiter did right and put Gunner Crewman, he would of mentioned in your interview report (same as ADSO would have) that your preference is you don't need to do anything. As said if you got Over 46 then you possibly could do any role.....its all to do now that your Phase 1 report is good and what places are available in Larkhill.....a lot of RA Crewman want observer so get top student in Phase 1 and cross your fingers you impress your SPSO to get a chance.
  9. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Too sloooooow old man ;-)
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  10. You will have a long ladder to climb with many career paths open to you, enjoy it (including the pain) and the very best of luck with your career.

    Retired RHA & RA
  11. Thank you DT.

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  12. 148 Bty would be 'naval gunfire' as the army careers website puts it.

    Basically if you want to go 4/73 bty put down 4/73 as your choice at phase 2 and if you want to go 148, put down 29Cdo at phase 2.

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