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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jimbo12345, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Ive just been given my date to start phase 1 training which is about 3 months away. My ultiamte aim whilst in the RMP is to get into close protection and if possible be commisioned. What I am wondering is what proportion of RMP soldiers get to do close protection and also what proportion become commisioned within 10 years or so. I understand it will be hard to do what I aim for but I am willing to work hard to achieve my goals and the officer at the selection said he wouldn't be suprised if I were to become commisioned from corporal due to my potential. This of course has just made me more determined to achieve my goals.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Dont believe everything they say. They are there to sell you a job remember.
  3. Is there any reason why you are not going straight in for a commision if the potential is so high?
  4. I'm not sure if you can do CP as a Lance Jack, but times are hard and you may get lucky. I'm sure one of the CP lads on site can keep you right with current practices

    You can commission from the ranks as a Cpl, quite a few have done it, but from experience most that did went on to hold Senior NCOs and WOs in contempt and it showed.

    You can do the CP course as an Officer but I would imagine that again the CP lads would keep you right on posts and quotas.

    If you want a commission why not just go straight in and apply from the off. If you come in as an OR, you will really have to keep your nose clean and get the right recommendations. One f*ck up or if one OC thinks that you are aprat, you're not getting the right tick in the right box. Think long and hard before you try the OR first route.

    You'll not get any percentages though as I don't think that they ever keep figures. No real need to I suppose.

    There are two or three Officers who post here. Maybe one could give you the right information.
  5. You've beaten me to it Biccies and in a much nicer manner than I was replying.
    So far his interests have lain anywhere but RMP in it's main role. He has been more interested in being an APTI, then CP(which although one of our roles is not a main one by any stretch of the imagination), now it's a commission. It's all very good knowing where you want your career to take you but why choose a job which he seems to have no interest in. Perhaps as suggested he should start as he means to go on and take a commission and then do his courses from there. I may be wrong but he seems to be showing no interest whatsoever in police work.
  6. To be honest, there's a few who have made successful careers out of the CP, AIPTI and Para Provost route and never opened an MOD 145a.

    Old Si HJ hadn't written a statement in his life and he didn't mind saying so either!!
  7. From my experience the chances of getting into close protection within RMP within 5 years is slim. You need to get experience of police work and dealing with the mixture of people you will cross.

    If your keen on a commission then go for it now, don't waste your time entering as a solider.
  8. My bold - I dont think this is case now. CP so strapped that LCpls are going on the course virtually straight after leaving South Park
  9. Must just be me then but I always believed that there had to be even just the teeniest bit of interest in police work to join RMP even if the opportunities took you elsewhere. Rather than showing no interest in police work before even joining.
    Si isn't the only one to have never written a statement , there are those who only ever did GPD who never wrote one either :lol:
    Ahh well each to their own.
  10. I've seen LCpls and Officers get onto the CP course quite easily if their fitness is up to standard, like the rest of the RMP at the minute its a numbers game and there is desperation in all departments to keep the bums on seats.

    I strongly agree with Biccies about applying for a commission now rather than later. I knew a lad (Cpl) recently who was trying to get commissioned and he had the potential, he was already cutting about in salmon shirts and Chinos and did stand out as Officer material, the OC was even setting him little leadership tasks to assess his potential and he was impressed. However one drunken misadventure in the Cpls mess and he was branded an arssehole. If he already had his commission and did what he did it go down as hijinx and he would hailed in a shower of Pimms. As it happens he has really set himself back.

    Think carefully about what you want and go for it now.
  11. Not at 101 by any chance?

    As previously said, there's the possibility of a harder time getting commissioned after joining as an OR, but I know a few examples who's careers appear to have benefited immensely from experiencing life as a junior/senior rank first.

    He's certainly in the right place to listen to positive/negative stories, but at the end of the day he's got to weigh up the odds, make a choice and see it through.
  12. I think I know who you are thinking of at 101 but he was not a 'drunken misadventure' was he, he was just screwed by the wonderful management in place there over something that could have happened to anyone, in fact at some point or another probably has happened to everyone.
  13. 101, the moral company!
  14. I say good luck to the lad, but i wont be surprised if he doesn't leave in 4 years time!
  15. jimbo,

    Give me a PM mate and I will fill you in on the pros and cons.