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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jimbobsimmonds, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. hi im new to these forums...

    i was wondering if anyone here knows anything about the military police, in terms of recruitment and what the job is like. ideally id like to join the civvy police but the recruitment times are silly if there is any recruitment at all, and being 18 ive got plenty of time for that after my 4 years...

    any opinions and help would be great because im still thinking about it...
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  3. Yeah cheers for that Forastero. Nice to know the Arrse Stasi are still alive and kicking. Aside from the , er, admittedly flippant remark, there was a semi serious message in my post The PCSO/Special route is something else to consider , as Jimbob did state that ideally he would like to join civvy Bill. A couple of years of that, prior to joining RMP could prove beneficial, especially considering the poster's age.

    Suggest you look at certain other posts which apart from undermining ARRSE, come close to breaking the law, in fact they go way beyond. No names no pack drills, but I am sure you know who they are. Try whipping them into line. Or is it a bottle issue?

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  6. There is a complaints process if you have concerns rather than sat on the sidelines mouthing off.

    This is the serious part of ARRSE so if you want to be a dick go play in the naafi.

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  7. like i said im new and have no idea wat you r all argueing about but i was looking for some advice so please, some help please...
  8. Go and read some of the threads in the AGC/SPS area of this site, there's plenty of good stuff in there- you just have to look for it yourself
  9. Anyway Jimbobsimmonds - after all that, the entry criteria for RMP is an Army Entrance Test Score (BARB) of 60. You will also require GCSE Maths and English to level (grade) C or above.

    You will have to demonstrate to the Army selectors at the Careers Office and at the Army Develpoment and Selection Centre that you have proved leadership skills of some sort. For example, a department manager at a supermarket or a football team leader etc.

    The reason for this is that you will be promoted to Lance Corporal at the end of your basic training.

    Good Luck!
  10. Apologies to all for gobbing off. It detracted from this lad's efforts to get some important info. Good luck in your efforts jimbob.
  11. not blowing me own trumpet here but got 4As and 5Bs at GCSE so entry test shouldn't be a problem... the leadership skills shouldn't be too tricky as i can get my old school teacher and my boss to mention it in my referance...

    as for lance corporal, i assume that means higher starting pay...
  12. Missing the point a bit here. You don't need to show where you have shown leadership skills in the past (although you could in your interviews), you need to show them on the team tasks at selection by listening to the others in your group and coming up with good ideas. Also having a sense of urgencey helps. The Army doesn't need a referance, the whole point of the joining up process is to see if you have the right skills for the army and will be able to hack it.

    Getting your first stripe after training means more than just a pay rise. I'm not being negative, you just have to research the job specifically. I have started a few threads in the AGC section which would help you, as have countless others.
  13. ahh i see. that's much better than having to find references and stuff like that...

    this is a general question about the army. will they try and post me near home (unless abroad ofr course) and how often and long is leave?
  14. From what I understand you get a choice of postings but it really comes down to where the Army need you to be at that time so you there's no guarantee you will be near home. 6 weeks leave I believe, sure someone else can say when you get them
  15. Does anyone know when the next intake is for RMP?? I passed selection last week and got told I could be waiting until Aug/Sept time.. but that's the best info they could give me