joining RLC

hi i am going to join the army as part of the RLC but not too sure whether rhis is the right choice, if anyone would like to advise it would be much appreciated

The RLC is a Big entity you need to be more specific if you want info
If you want to go in a corp then maybe the Sappers. got alot of variety. (but so do the RLC i guess)
What do you actually want to do?
There's a huge variety of trades in the RLC (and the army as a whole)
Think what job you'd like to do and speak to your recruiter who should be able to advise you of something similar. If you have no corps allegiences then capbadge shouldn't really matter when you join up.
Concentrate more on finding a job you want to do rather than the corps you do it in. The allegience/loyalty will come later. :D

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