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Discussion in 'RLC' started by jimmydinn, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. cant make my mind up between which job is best and why
  2. As offices go, the back of a Herc beats the back of a Landy every single day in my book ;)
  3. Don't be a fag op :p
    P.S what he said above.
  4. Wouldn't bother at the minute, no room at the inn..... If by shear fluke you are accepted and don't have to wait a year or 5 AD gets my vote, then Comms spec forget being a flat liner unless you only want to stay in for four years and get all your licences for Civ Div.... 8O :D :D
  5. Air despatcher would be my choice, you could even do your HGV driving at a later date if your lucky.
  6. Don't mind the floater when he was using radios clansmen were the enemy :p
    What loser was mouthing off around our garrison that Comm Specs were the "top 10% of the Corps" :lol: :oops:
    Bottom feeders more like :p :lol:
  7. Hey lower pay band...... back in your hole :D :D :D

    Anyone can drive :twisted: :twisted:
  8. Quiet you :p :lol:
  9. iv to pick my job next week i want air despatcher im thinking ill be waiting ages for this position to open up. the guy from the careers office said the army dont have alot of jobs just now , he then said there is hardly even any infantry positions,

    any other jobs people would recommend in logistics i got 67 barb result and i dont want to do a technical skills test at selection weekend.
  10. Have a look at the Army website to see what floats your boat mate.
    For me Driver but even that job is not what it used to be.
    Progree i suppose :lol:
  11. JD you just have a gander at the required GTI scores

    Ammo Tech 58
    Musician 33
    Log Spec 35
    Pet Op 47
    Driver 42
    Driver Air Despatch 44
    Driver Port Op 44
    Driver Rad Op 46
    Driver Tank Tpt 42
    Driver Railwayman 47
    Nav Seaman 47
    Nav Seaman Navigator 51
    Marine Engineer 47
    Mov Con 8.5
    PC Op 44
    Chef 38
    Pioneer 22

    Some of these could be out of date it's been 21 and a bit years since I did the joiny up thing. You are actually as trainable as 7.8 Mov Cons. Only problem is that you need to have the ability to suck the life out of any form of enjoyment - like a tramp sucking cock for a free bag of chips.
  12. AD still has slots available. If you want to try, get your bid in ASAP.
  13. If you indeed did get 67 on your BARB test then why not consider AT? We are crying out for them and the prospects for promotion are excellent.
  14. got to be AT, you will be a full screw in under 3yrs...
  15. I think AT would be a very good job however i got 74 in my barb exam and AT was not on my job selection list. I never passed maths at school due to the fact i was an ideot who was more intrested impressing friends than getting my head down i think thats why the jobs is not open to me. Iv decided driver/communication specialist is the path im gonna go down.

    jimmy dinn i heard from the sargent in the career office you dont need to sit a A Technical Selection Test for driver/communication specialist but im not sure if the info is true?