Joining RLC (Ammo Tech) in 1 year, best use of preperation time?

I'm 25, decided the Ammo Tech role could be pretty good for me, very interested in EOD and as an added bonus I've heard the Ammo Tech roles offer some of the fastest possibilities for advancing in rank and paygrade.

I'm starting studying for GSCE Math, Physics and Chemistry in 2 months, should have C grades+ within a year, I know I need to work on diet and fitness but I'm just wondering what else I can do to improve my chances of being accepted and getting through selection and stage 1 training.

Also if anyone knows, what sort of condition does your eyesite and dental health need to be in, are glasses or contact lenses acceptable?

Thanks in advance.
There are many threads on ARRSE relating to Ammo Tech. Just concentrate on the present and get through those exams first.

How's your colour perception?

Both glasses and contacts are fine. There are plenty of specky twats in the trade to keep you company. Once you qualify as an IEDD Operator you can even claim for the cost of your contact lenses.

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