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Im looking to join the reserves as an officer, I have no ucas points but equivalent qualifications but i am starting a degree in Sept. I have been advised i can join if i have a degree and no ucas subject to RMAS acceptance and i was shown this:

I am wondering should i join the ranks while at uni or wait till after uni? Plus the extra money as a student is always a bonus

Not a given you will be able to join without the UCAS points. What are the equivalent qualifications? On top of that do you have the required ALIS points?


Access diplomas are equivalent to A - levels and depending on what grade you achieved, in theory it would be the equivalent of those UCAS points also.


Iv heard thats just a drinking club with military bits inbetween, and you get more training and pay in reserves?

Sigh... But are much more understanding of your studies. The Army is full of ex OTC guys and it is a great grounding if you want to go further. Some AR Units are full to the brim of people with UCAS and First and 2nd degrees.. Why do you want to become an officer? Just the extra pay? Having a degree doesn't make you more clever than your soliders, nor more qualified to lead them. Leadership..if you have that then crack on, if not, join the OTC learn all about it and make your decison from there.